Where to find and catch Growlithe in Scarlet and Violet Pokemon

While there will always be new Pokémon to capture, there is something to say about the old favorites. As you advance in the Pale region, a handful of them will find the way back to their heart. For example, we are here to tell him where to find and catch Grow lithe in scarlet and violet Pokémon.


Grow lithe location in scarlet and violet Pokémon

Grow lithe is one of the many dogs in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but has the distinction of being one of the first to reach a Pokédex. Fortunately, it is very simple to find one this time, and all that it implies is to travel to East from Zaragoza.

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If you are looking for the fire puppy, its options are limited with respect to the location. However, once there, finding a Grow lithe should not be too difficult. You can find them distributed by the Eastern provinces of Pale. Once found, players can decide to fight or capture one and, in the process, get the Grow lithe fur, which in turn can be used to make MT.

Grow lithe evolving in scarlet and violet

Grow lithe turns out to be one of the two Pokémon in scarlet and violet that require a stone to evolve. Once delivered to Grow lithe, he will evolve Ar canine the next time he increases level. If you don’t know where to find fire stones, we cover it here.

That is all you need to know where to find and catch Grow lithe in scarlet and violet Pokémon. However, to get more tips on the game, keep it here in. We have guides that cover where to catch Levee and Ditto, as well as endless information on the links below.

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