Roblox All Star Tower Defense codes (November 2022)


All star tower defense is one of Roblox’s most popular games, and it is easy to see why. Not only is it fun to defend yourself against waves of enemies and strategically place your defensive units, but it is also fun to form equipment with your friends and assume the missions of the story mode. But did you know that you can unlock a lot of great gifts by entering specific codes in the game? In this guide, we will show the last all star tower defense codes that will help you in your battle against the unpleasant evil. Let’s enter it!

List of all star tower defense codes (in operation)

The first thing is the first, if you want to exchange a code on this list, look for the settings icon on the lower right side of your screen. Once click on it, look for the text box enter code near the bottom. Be sure to write the exact code, and then you will be ready to get some gems and free game elements. The most important thing is that you must redeem these codes before they expire:

  • 2Milfavoritoarriba-chair for 150x Stardust, 10x exp IV and 8000 Gems (must have a level 70+ to claim) (new)
  • 2 years old
  • Halloween2022-chair for ice queen (hole)
  • Time chamber arrangement-chair per 100 gems and 20 Stardust
  • Autocode Strella-chair for 90 Stardust
  • Star dust update-5,000 gems
  • ASTDDRAGONOIDBAKUGAN-Card for a Dragooned mount
  • 1 millikes-redeem for 650 gems and an omega rare IV
  • summerwoo2022-redeem for 750 gems and an omega-arre exp iv

List of all star tower defense codes (expired)

Unfortunately, the following codes have expired and, as a result, they will not give you gems or free game elements:

  • 2 years of anniversary-chair for 10,000 gems, 100 Stardust and 10 Exp IV (must have level 40+ to claim)
  • Redeem for 400 gems
  • Junio-redeem for 450 gems
  • Navy blue130KSIN leaks-500 gems, exp iv and ultra rare reward
  • Input update-400 gems
  • Junio-400 gems
  • Ay-400 gems
  • Allstarspring-450 gems
  • ASTD1Millikes-1250 Gems
  • New April update: 450 gems
  • Tacomartes-Card for 250 gems
  • Turn off code 21-redeem for 250 gems
  • 2BCODESWAGMODEBLAZEIT-Card for 400 Gems and Megafarad Takashi
  • Noosapagar-redeem for 400 gems
  • Septemberupdate21-redeem for 250 gems
  • Nowherescoredeal-redeem for 250 gems
  • Specialkingluffy100K-redeem for 150 Gems and Ultramarine (new)
  • Visits101-Card for 250 gems
  • I will be watching you-redeem for 300 gems
  • Elotrocodigo-redeem for 250 gems [must start a Jain to private server]
  • Miniapado-Card for 200 Gems
  • Significent-redeem for 300 gems
  • More code for you XD– redeem for 175 gems
  • CODEGOPRISMA-Card for 250 Gems [Must start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • Light Code-Card for 250 Gems [Must start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • Listen to the same132-Card for 175 gems
  • As you are today my friend-redeem for 175 gems [must start a Jain a private server]
  • Navyxflame4code-redeem for 150 gems
  • Aphrutadosubmore-redeem for a reward [must start a game or join private server]
  • Update of July 4-Card for 250 gold, 250 gems and exp iii
  • Lesgolesgoyuh-redeem for 150 gems
  • Super Time-Card for 150 Gems
  • bigger than life1-redeem for 150 gems
  • Fruit set-exchange code for 150 gems
  • 600kme likes-exchange code for 175 gems
  • Update Junio2021-Code exchange for 250 Gold, 250 Gems and Exp III
  • AddNOVASUNIOUS BANNERFIX-Card for 150 gems [must start a game or join private server]
  • Fruit-redeem for 550 gems, 500 gold and 2x exp ii
  • 2021 commemorative day2021X-redeem for 150 gems
  • Update53021-Card for 150 gems, 300 gold and exp iii
  • LOVE TO BRAZIL-Card for 150 Gems
  • DiamondoNowina-Card for 150 gems
  • ohmahgawdskill-redeem for 150 gems
  • Six yellow-redeem for 150 gems
  • Soft Criminal2-Exchange Code for 150 Gems
  • hahaha-exchange code for 150 gems
  • Shot-deserted-exchange code for 150 gems
  • Quick off-exchange code per 100 gems
  • Lying awake-exchange code for 150 gems
  • Freedom-exchange code for 150 gems
  • As aEnafiestaenlalista-Code of exchange for 150 gems
  • 1BVISITA1B-Reting Code per 1000 Gems
  • 1000Millonesvisita21GOTO-exchange code for 200 Gems, 300 Gold and KOK Drip Skin
  • Easter21-exchange code for 150 gems
  • HOLAMUNDO2021-CODE FOR 150 Gems
  • Algomásnuevocode-exchange code for 150 gems
  • isitthenewraytodavía-exchange code for 150 gems
  • Hchgaming-exchange code for 150 gems
  • Hands of time-exchange code for 2 exp ii
  • Gameon2021-exchange code for 500 gems
  • Lovetofighttd-exchange code for 150 gems
  • This is the newest code-exchange code for 150 gems
  • Subtome-exchange code for 80 gems
  • Subinferior-exchange code for 50 gems
  • Incredibledayum-exchange code for 50 gems
  • 700mil-exchange code for 200 gems and exp ii megafarad [must start a game or join a private server]
  • Update belike-exchange code for 50 gems
  • epicanueva-exchange code for 50 gems
  • lost-exchange code for 50 gems
  • Painless men-exchange code for 50 gems
  • Great Tim-exchange code for 50 gems
  • Tardíatendat update-exchange code for 200 gems
  • OMGDISCORDPOFF-exchange code for 150 gems
  • Great Banggrah-Code of exchange for 80 gems
  • MITIMERCHAMBER-Code of exchange for 300 gems
  • I like320k-exchange code for 150 gems
  • rguerrafelizañuevo2k21-exchange code for 150 gems
  • On the way to 300kuwu-exchange code for 150 gems
  • 2k20Feliz Christmas2K20-exchange code for 150 gems
  • subtosnuglife-exchange code per 100 gems
  • 2 Turns off 12232000-exchange code for 150 gems
  • I like280k-exchange code for 150 gems
  • 100kclypso-exchange code for 50 gems
  • Kelvin500ksubs-exchange code for 50 gems
  • December DIVERSION2020-Code of exchange for 300 gems
  • How the game-exchange code for 400 gems
  • Nano150K-Code of

How to enter codes at All star tower defense

Fortunately, it is really simple to enter codes in All star tower defense. All you need to do is touch the defeated wheel configuration in the lower right of the screen and then write the code in the text box Enter code. Next, you can catch the gifts you have taken into account. Quite sweet, right?

And that is all you need to know about all star tower defense codes in Roblox. To get more tips, tricks and guides, look for or see more of our coverage on the game below.

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