How to unlock cosmetics in Darktide – Warhammer 40k


Cosmetics is a planned function in Dark tide, which will offer players various ways to change the appearance of their character, but how to get them is still unclear. Fortunately, it is easier to unlock more cosmetics in Dark tide than it might seem. Here’s how to get cosmetic objects in Dark tide and unlock them more.

How to get cosmetics in dark tide

To get cosmetics at Warhammer 40k Dark tide, you must unlock it by increasing your level. Trust level. Starting from the fifth level of trust, you can unlock cosmetics that you can equip by visiting the cosmetics menu. You can unlock more cosmetics as it moves along the rank or level of trust, as a rule. Every five levels. Nevertheless, you can find the Cosmetics menu by opening the inventory page of your character and by pressing the Cosmetics button in the image below.

Improving the level of trust is not the only way to get more cosmetics in Dark tide. In short, you can also unlock various cosmetic objects, performing repentance. Repentance is small achievements. You can look through the Penance option in the main menu. For the implementation of repentance in various categories, you can get cosmetic objects, such as frames for objects or trinkets. Below are various achievements of redemption that open cosmetics.

How to increase the level of trust in Darktide-Warhammer 40k

To increase the level of trust in Dark tide, you must fulfill missions. To increase the level of trust, it is recommended to kill special enemies, complete side tasks and kill as many enemies as possible to get even more experience. The game on more complex missions is also a great option to increase your level of trust and earn more awards.

Can I buy cosmetics in Dark tide?-Var hammer 40k

In the end, all players will be able to acquire cosmetics if they want when the game is released on November 30, 2022. If you play the beta version of the preliminary order, the purchase of cosmetics will be disabled before the game is released. Because of this, the only way to get cosmetics is to unlock it by performing tasks and missions and earned repentance.

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