How to join enemy teams in Warzone 2


War zone’s next iteration is Call of Duty’s largest experiment to date, with many new features and changes in the game so that he feels the best to date. Hidden behind the menus and weapons customization, a new function has been introduced that allows players to go to the dark side and leave the squad from which they come. Interested in playing a large-scale version of Among Us? This is what you need to know about how to join enemy teams in War zone 2.0.

join enemy teams in War zone 2 explained

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The newest way of War zone 2.0, Unhinged Br Trios, allows you to break the normal dynamics of the squad by allowing your back to the team that comes. Everything is possible thanks to the new assimilation function.

Essentially, Unhinged Br trios is its standard combination of trios. 150 players arrive at Al-Wakrah in teams of three, and chaos begins from there. The new thing in this way is the ability to join enemy teams, and this can be activated for opening the ping wheel and sending a request to join a nearby enemy team. After sending an application, the enemy team can choose to accept or reject your application and, with the new proximity chat function, you are likely to listen to your answer in the game.

An enemy squad can accept three more members to complete its squad for a group of chaos of six men. It will be difficult to identify your enemies, so make sure you don’t trust anyone in this new way. This feature is also present in the new DMZ mode, allowing more frantic moments while looking to loot and open its way to victory.

That is all you need to know how to join enemy teams in War zone 2.0 and DMZ. Speaking of the DMZ, see our breakdown in the new mode, some outstanding aspects of the new proximity chat function, or study the new map of Al-Wakrah.

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