How did Meowth learned to talk about the Pokemon Anime? He did everything for a cat

It is not a very rigid rule throughout Pokémon, but most of the franchise creatures are only able to communicate in two or three different ways. They all have the ability to repeat their name and sing it in different ways to express feelings, beyond body language itself. However, in the anime there are several specimens that are able to communicate verbally, being growth the most prominent case. However, an obvious question arises: how was he able to learn to speak?


Meow, the hidden key in Growth’s story

Although the obvious answer is that Pokémon Anime writers needed a funny and witty character who gave the Rocket team a comic relief, there is a narrative that explains this power of Growth. The story behind the reason the mascot can talk about was explaining in episode 72: Go to Hollywood _,Growth! That aired during the first season. The chapter explains how, due to a love story that went wrong, Growth changed completely to win a female Growth named Meow.

He fell in love with Meow almost instantly. However, he had no chance when he approached her. It was a very special cat who liked human and luxury things more than those related to Pokémon. This led the feline to a conclusion: If she likes human things, I will learn to speak and walk erect to look more like a human and try to conquer her. Great mistake of our dear friend, who spent days and nights studying to be able to communicate through speech. However, he was again rejected as a walking and speaking monster.

Years later, Growth returns to Hollywood and discovers that Meow, after being abandoned by his owner, joined the gang to which he belonged in the past. A situation that gives rise to a second attempt to conquer Growth. However, her beloved chose to be next to the gang leader who welcomed her when she was abandoned . All this with an obvious moral that many have not understood for years: do not become someone else to try to conquer someone, because those who love you will love him for who you are.

The other Pokémon you can talk about

Maybe those who do not follow the Pokemon anime with attendance do not know, but Growth is far from being the only Pokémon capable of speaking . There are others who have managed to communicate through possession, such as Tentacles, Vastly, Haunter and Delays, or through telepathy. This second type of case is quite numerous, although perhaps the most prominent is the Mew two in the first movie of the saga. In fact, there were about 30 moments of telepathy along the saga, including some direct communication, involving Dark and Slowing .

In general, Pokémon rules are quite flexible, allowing moments of creatures to communicate with humans in the common language or through other tricks are relatively common. A small curiosity that is not exclusive to anime, for example, in some games we can see some cases: o Sarawak ghost can talk about first generation games and their remakes, as well as a Murrow In the third and mimic in the seventh.