Excellent of Battle Ragnarok Odins Ravens

Once more, Odin’s ravens are back in God of War Ragnarök as well as cause mayhem as well as shrieks in the 9 abundant. However, as in the last video game, you can damage them and also give Odin’s snooping eyes to end. However, where are all the God of Battle Ragnarök Ravens areas ?

Currently, that we have invested dozens of hrs with Rates, ATREUS as well as the various other personalities that have actually checked out the abundant, we have assembled this list where you can find them. Listed below you will certainly locate comprehensive card positions and also summaries along with information regarding just how several remain in every empire.

God of War Ragnarök Odin’s Ravens locations

Listed below you will find a much more in-depth introduction of all areas of Odin’s Ravens, including images where you can locate everybody. This guide is updated with all ravens when we locate them, yet they locate the large bulk of them below.

There are a total amount of 48 Odin’s Ravens locations in the 9 rich from God of War Ragnarök. You can find them around in the side locations, concealed outside the map, hidden in caves, high up on rocks as well as high cliffs and in several various other areas Each is a tiny challenge that requires to be discovered and also solved, and also below you can see the amount of locations of God of Battle Ragnarök Odin’s Ravens remain in every world.
| Svartlfeim-13 places of Odin’s Ravens | Alfheim-10 locations of Odin’s Ravens | Vanaheim-15 locations of Odin’s Ravens | Midgard-6 areas of Odin’s Ravens | Helheim-2 locations of Odin’s Ravens | Muspelheim-2 areas of Odin’s Ravens
| Svartlefheim Raven | Álfheimr Raven | Anaheim raven | Midgard Raven | Kelham Raven | Muspelheimer Raven

Svartlfeim Odin’s Ravens locations

As quickly as you most likely to Svartlefheim for the very first time, you will certainly find the initial raven when you step out of the Mystic Entrance. At the top of a rock, where the course to the left and best divides, the raven can be destroyed with your ax.

On your method via Nidavellir in Svartefheim you can take a look at a water wheel right next to Sindhi. Right here you can see the raven that is enthroned for destruction.

Svarltfheim Raven 1

Svartlefheim Raven 2

Area Svartefheim Raven 3

While you proceed through the quarry in the Jasmina Pit mines, you will finally fulfill a huge team of opponents and also have to go to the right. Before you do this, drop the chain to your left, where you have to climb up to a reduced degree. Flying right here you can discover the raven.

After making use of the cart to get to The Forge, leave the route and also go along a wood footbridge. On your right, on this walkway over you, you can see the raven that you can destroy with your ax throw.

Svartlefheim Raven 4

Location Svartlefheim Raven 5

While you go through the mines and also look for Try, you will ultimately leap over 2 voids and see a huge door before you. To the left of you is a wall surface where you can handle yourself. Yet before you search for and also to the entrusted to see the raven.

Area Svartlefheim Raven 6

Later in history, they return to Svartlefheim and also go to The Forge. When you come down to the lift that brings you to the smithy, you will certainly see a raven on a cliff high up to the top. A golden fracture can be seen in a rock straight above.

The following raven can be located naturally if you complete the quest In the Service of Asgard, or you will discover it in the north of the region at Altos Rig. As quickly as you get on it, look in between the busted timber to your left where you can jump up to find the raven in it.

Next in this mission, in the service of Asgard, you will discover yourself at Modvitnir’s Gear in the far west. Prior to you leap to the birthed island, aim to the left on a hook that hangs over the sea to discover the raven on it.

Svartlefheim Raven 8

Svartlefheim Raven 7

There is a watchtower in the Bay of Bounty, in the. At this watchtower you will certainly discover a drug opening, yet as quickly as you have actually done it, look southern, and also you will certainly listen to as well as see a raven. Straighten your clutter so that it strikes the raven flying high above you.

Svartlefheim Raven 9

Place Svartlefheim Raven 10

Right here you will go down a chain and see an objective. If you turn around, see some gold rocks that you can damage with the bomb. Right here, on a rock to your left, the raven is located.

Álfheimr Odin’s Ravens places

Place Álfheimr Raven 1

Jump down the cliff and proceed along the path to see the raven behind a door. Let your ax bounce off the 2 reflective crystals to ruin the raven.

You can see the raven over them. Objective with your ax to destroy you.

You will battle between a collection of staircases and white platforms versus a number of elves if you pass the large light beam at the level much later on. When you walk past this battle, look left into the distance to find a raven resting on the side of an outer platform.

Álfheimr Raven 3

Álfheimr Raven 2

Anaheim Odin’s Ravens areas

Anaheim Raven location 1

As quickly as you leave the Mystic Portal in the Southern Wilds, go onward and also look at the river to your. Below, flying around, you can locate the raven.

Anaheim Raven place 2

As you continue the objective, you will certainly talk to Fear and also leave Mimic with him. Go with the wood gateway and at the end of the course you will certainly find one from Odin’s raven beyond of the water.

Anaheim Raven location 3

You will certainly discover the raven on your. Follow him till you can see the raven with a void as well as toss your ax.

Anaheim Raven place 4

Come previous Fear’s camp and get to the eastern Barry woodlands if you later return to Anaheim in history. Right here you can see the raven on a tree straight on the major path, which you cover in the mission.

Anaheim Raven location 5

If you follow this raven, you will certainly combat a number of Air in the woodland. You after that need to use your spear to go across some water. Prior to you do this, look to the entrusted to find the raven being in a gap in the bark of the tree.

Anaheim Raven location 6

You ultimately get to the suggestion of a big high cliff straight above the place where you have actually left the watercraft at Goddess Falls if you struggle via the shortcomings Freya’s missing out on peace. If you fly around up here, you can discover the raven that flies over the large open space.

Midgard Odin’s Ravens areas

As you explore Midgard sledding, you will certainly discover a small course southwest of the Lake of 9. Decrease this path and after that leap over the rock. Look left to locate a raven resting in a shipwreck when you have gotten here there.

Midgard Raven 1

Midgard Raven 2

Rise the northwestern path from the last raven to locate one more team of cliffs. When you have actually gotten to the top, consider the area where you climbed to find the raven on a snow-covered rock.

Kelham Odin’s Ravens areas

Area Kelham Raven 1

As quickly as you get to the magical goal from HEL’s Perch in the Objective The Reunion, go directly to the Regrind location. Prior to you jump right into the next location with your spear, you can see the ravens flying around.

Area Kelham Raven 2

You will certainly see 2 stairways following to a Lore Marker if you return to the Mystic Portal from HEL’s Perch in the Goal The Get-together. The raven sits above the Tradition marker.

Mülheim Odin’s Raven locations

As well as these are all the Ravens places of God of Battle Ragnarök Odin.
Additionally, the follow-up includes lots of other collectibles and things that can be discovered around the world, consisting of a collection of God of War Ragnarök invention products.
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Raven location Mülheim 1 .

Right at the start of the Mission The Summoning you jump down and also discover a famous upper body before you. You will discover the raven on your right.

Where are all the God of Battle Ragnarök Ravens places ?

There are an overall of 48 Odin’s Ravens places in the nine abundant from god of Battle Ragnarök. Each is a little problem that needs to be found as well as solved, as well as below you can see exactly how lots of places of God of War Ragnarök Odin’s Ravens are in every world.

At this watchtower you will discover a drug opening, but as quickly as you have done it, look southern as well as you will certainly see a raven and listen to. You will find the raven on your.