LOL: Riot Games Debt with Faker can be pending forever

When a team wins the League of Legends World Championship, they not only raise the cup and take home the award, but also a reward that enters the history of LOL. Riot Games has made a tradition, since season two, creating personalized skins for each of the players who make up the Worlds winning team. A situation that allowed the Faker to make three of the MOB champions show the colors of their team and include references to their figure.

Riot Games said no to Faker in 2013

Now we are very used to the fact that, after celeating the final, the players of the champion team indicate which character they want to receive their skin. However, this tradition is relatively new. In the past, it was Riot Games that decided which characters the cosmetics would be created. Something that gave rise to a pending debt that the company has been dragging since 2013, when Faker requested a personalized skin for the one, but it was Zed chosen. A little injustice that did not leave the then first world champion completely satisfied.

Of course Faker has won two more world championships ever since. However, it has always come across the only rule still in force that prevents players from choosing freely which champion will receive their world champion skin. This rule says it must be a character who has been played at least once through the tournament. In the case of Korean Mid Later, the situation made him not to choose HRI after taking over the world’s League of Legends throne in 2015 or 2016, as he did not select her in either editions.

In this 2022 Worlds, Faker didn’t play with her either, nor won the tournament. Although the champion offered great performance during the season and was critical for Mid Later to win the LCK title, her performance plummeted with the successive nerfs imposed by Riot Games. This situation, added to the fact that T1 did not have mathematically irrelevant games in the group stage, prevented its selection.

Even though Faker had won the Worlds 2022, he would be again without HRI’s skin that he has long wanted. A pending debt that Riot Games, for now, will not pay . He would have to continue playing and win another world championship where HRI is strong if she wants to see this little dream come true or, perhaps, expect the developer to honor the best undisputed player in League of Legends history when you finally decide that you arrived The time to leave the high level competition.