Collect all college students, start recruiting the 9th Com2us Player

Comes Group announced that it will recruit nine university supporters ‘Comes Player’.

‘Com2uS Player’ is a supporter that announces the news of the Comes Group, such as recruitment, organizational culture, and welfare benefits, and consists of college students with high affection for the Coitus Group and the game industry. All videos and image contents produced during the participation period can be used as a job portfolio in the future, and there are also opportunities for incumbent coverage to hear vivid practical stories. In 2019, college students who wish to take care of related industry every year since the founding of 2019 It is in the spotlight as a popular program.

The recruitment runs until midnight on November 27. Any student and leave of absence in Korea can apply online through the Com2uS Group’s recruitment website. The recruitment field is PD and design that is responsible for editing and shooting images, and plans to announce the final successful candidates on December 12 by evaluating document screening and non-face-to-face interviews based on the ability to understand jobs and use related tools.

The selected applicants will be held on January 3, next year, and will participate in various activities such as interviews and articles in the incumbent and articles of contents planning and production in-house and outdoor events related to the recruitment of Comes Group by June.

Comes Group will provide commemorative items such as certificates, business cards, and group uniforms to support the active activities of Com2uS players, as well as pay 200,000 won per month and select monthly excellent players. In addition, all the contents produced during the activity are specified by specifying the producer to make it easy to use the portfolio, and if you take the recruitment of the Comes Group, you will receive an additional point in the document screening.


More details of this recruitment can be found on the official website of the Com2uS Group, and you can also contact one to one through KakaoTalk ‘@Com2us Recruitment’.