Meet artists who made music for games; Aurora, Snoop Dogg, Florence, Ariana Grande and more

We know that League of Legends often calls great artists to create epic songs, but it’s not the only game to do that. Many others hired artists to record something unprecedented. We at MGG azil made a list of X renowned musicians who have already participated in the world of games.

In this case we will not cite the most famous of Valorant or LOL, as Little in the X, Imagine Dragons or even Emilia. The focus is on other games and especially console. Virtual shows like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott in Fortnite do not count either.

Aurora-Hunting Shadows (Assassin’s Creed)

The famous singer who even made the song Scarborough Fair for the azilian soap opera Zeus Salve the King. Known for his most ethereal voice, Aurora produced a song for the Ubisoft , which came to light at the Assassin’s Creed conference in September.

Hunting Shadows is available in several media such as YouTube and Spotify and was made to celeate the franchise’s 15th anniversary and was supported by Even Kelby and Jesper Kid .

Florence and the Machine-Stand by Me (Final Fantasy 15)

The singer not only recorded a song, but three on an exclusive album called Songs from Final Fantasy XV . She r was a stand by me de Ben E. King and released two new songs called too much is never enough and I will be .

Florence and the Machine also participated in other projects, such as the movie Snow White and the Hunter with the song eath of Life . In addition, the singer also participated in an autobiographical fictional documentary film.

Snoop Dog-Knocc ‘In Down (Taken Tag Tournament 2)

The rapper participated in a partnership with Taken Tag Tournament 2 which is a non-cancer title of the franchise. This does not seem to have been a hindrance to investment, but an incentive.

Snoop Dog made the song Knock ‘in Down, which even has a video clip. The singer is very fame and was a very favorable marketing for the title.

David Bowie-The Nomad Soul (GTA 4)

The rock and pop idol was not left out of this and participated in one of Rock star’s most acclaimed titles… For some more frequent fans, GTA 4 This is the best game in the franchise… GTA 5.

Bowie sang in The Nomad Soul, which is a project of 10 tracks that were present in the game and pass on GTA world radios when you enter vehicles.

Ariana Grande-Touch It (Final Fantasy ave Elvis)

One of the most famous singers in the world also had his participation in Final Fantasy ave Elvis. In addition, a character named Dangerous was also introduced in the title in his honor.

Ariana rearmed her touch music to the game, which introduced work on her official soundtrack. This would not be the only time she would appear in games.

Do you know someone else deserves to be on this list?

Do you know any other artist who made a song specifically to be released into a game? If your answer is yes, do not hesitate to share with us. We want to know your opinion.