Who is the villain in Chainsaw Man? The Plan of the Devil of Control explained (spoilers)

While the Anime and Chainsaw Man’s manga may seem like a direct Shōnen series at the beginning, it does not take long to demonstrate a sinuous and intricate narrative. The allies become enemies, the realities are shattered and Benji must discover how to better rectify the situation with their powers of Chainsaw Devil. However, if you are new in the series, you are probably asking yourself: Who is the villain in Chainsaw Man? And what is his master plan?

Fortunately, we have read the whole series, and we know exactly who is moving all the threads. However, be careful: there is massive spoilers ahead.

Explanation of the true villain of Chainsaw Man

While Gun Devil acts as the central antagonistic force during most of the series, it is revealed near the end of the public security arch that Maxima is the true villain in Chainsaw Man.

Little known to Benji and most other public security members, Maxima was actually the devil control and was using people’s fear to the Gun Devil to accumulate followers and become more powerful. This is the reason why he was able to convince or manipulate people, demons and demons equally to fulfill their orders throughout the series, and did so to achieve enough power to overcome Gun Devil in case that it was once used against him.

This is also the real reason why so many factions try to kill Maxima or take Benji throughout the series. Being the devil who is strengthened by fear of control or conquest, Maxima has a constant supply of fear that constantly makes it more powerful. This is only increased by the types and amount of demons on which it has control, and have control over Benji, which is the host of the demon chainsaw, which can consume and erase any demon that defeats, would literally make it unstoppable.

As such, the different factions that tried to kill her or Benji were trying to prevent becoming too powerful to defeat her. Unfortunately, they could not kill her or Benji before Maxima’s master plan came true.

Why do Maxima want to leave Benji without hope?

Speaking of that, it is the master plan that Maxima promulgates the one that serves as a central conflict for the end of the public security saga.

Looking to control Chainsaw Devil, so he can erase any device he sees as an adversary, he needed to face Benji in his most powerful form. Then I could try to defeat him, and if he did, he would be sure that he was stronger than the demon chainsaw and would be able to control it.

However, to unleash this side of him, he would have to convince Benji to leave his humanity and allow Chainsaw Devil to manifest himself completely. To that end, she repeatedly crushed her spirit isolating him and forcing him to observe or participate in the death of her closest friends. This ended up working, and near the climax of the series, Benji gives total control to Chainsaw Devil, so he can fight Maxima and the demons she controls.

I hope this is clarified Who is the villain in Chainsaw Man . To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have a lot of other explanatory guides of Chainsaw Man, including some about whether Aka dies or not, if Power dies or not and if Benji and Power come together or not.

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