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Streamer makes special live pizza and viewers call firefighters to boycott

German streamer Alissa Anti the Duck Bad dour has partnered with Uber Eats for a special Twitch live in which she would rook pizzas for her viewers at an Italian restaurant in Munich. The problem is that some viewer decided to call firefighters, police and other emergency services in an attempt to boycott the action .

Anti is one of Twitch’s largest German streamers, which also maintains YouTube activity. She makes Lives playing RPG, more specifically Dungeons & Dragons, as well as Animal Crossing, New World and Raft. In addition, she is equally known for her cosplay, having done VI, League of Legends, Zelda, from The Legend of Zelda franchise, and Yale Mike, by Genshin Impact. You can check out these cosplay on her Instagram.

Anti a pianola

Live took place on October 19 at the La Fantasia restaurant in Munich, Germany. Streamer fans could order her live pizza on Twitch, delivered by Uber Eats. For her, whose parents are Italian and Moroccans, working in a restaurant like this is like being at home. Even one of the pizzaiolos of the house did not speak German, but that was not a problem for Anti, who speaks Italian fluently.

In general the live happened quietly. She seemed to be having a great time with the process and Viewers were impressed by her pizza skills as well as the linguistic knowledge of Italian. One of the managers of the restaurant A praised a lot , which led her to make jokes saying she would have a career as a pianola ahead.


But not everything was flowers. Some of the pizzas she did ended up burning in the oven -The one you can see in the pet clip-, which we understand is not exactly her fault.

The real problem was not the kitchen

Pizzas made by Anti could be requested by delivery or in the restaurant itself. In order for this to happen she disclosed the name and address of the establishment so that fans interested in consuming the pizza on site were there. But as we know the internet, as soon as a number or address is available to the public, the worst can happen.

Apparently, a malicious viewer called several emergency services during Live , notifying the firefighters, police and the equivalent of Veteran in Germany claiming that there was a gas leak in the restaurant.

In the tweet published above, a day after Live, Anti thanks for the oadcast, saying that he had a great time, mainly extolling the restaurant staff who dealt well with his Italian. Finally, she criticizes the person who notified emergency services for something that was not happening: This is not cool.

Many of their fans corroborated the message, saying they don’t believe how hateful people can be. During Live, however, this can barely be noted. In addition to a ief reference to the appearance of firefighters, the transmission occurred quietly, without lasting eaks or interruptions.

And the episode was not enough to curb Anti’s activities, who did another gastronomic live on October 21, this time making hamburgers in Berlin. What did you think of Anti’s attitudes? What food would you like your favorite streamers to cook for you? Leave your requests in the comments below.