Mobile game to replace generations… 20s stands out

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Recently, young Z generation users are noticeable in the top mobile games. If the industry has focused on the ’30s and 40s’, which have purchased power among many users, the 20s are also emerging as a major consumer.

According to the game industry on the 28th, users in their 20s have a large percentage of mobile game sales. As a result of analyzing the game user ages in September at the mobile index, the shooting game ‘Tang tang Commando’, which ranked 8th in Google Play in September, was 31%in the 20s and 25%in teenagers. The 40s (18%) followed.

The 9th action game ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ also had the highest in their 20s (55%), followed by 30s (27%), 40s (8%), and teenagers (2%).

In the case of subculture genres, this ’20s’ strength is even more distinct. The 15th ‘Won shin’ accounted for 41.8%in their 20s and 36%in their teens, followed by 30s (9%) and 40s (9%). Uranus Me Pretty Derby, which was unusual as a subculture in the flood of large-scale multi-multi-member roles (MMORPG) in July and August, was also analyzed from June 20 to July 2 The men also accounted for 46.9%of the total.

This is no exception to MMORPG, a structure that relies on ‘billing’ and becomes stronger and wins. The representative MMORPG ‘Lineage’ brothers, who are steadily in the top sales, show their main users in their 30s and 40s. Lineage M is in their 30s (46%) and 40s (22%), and Lineage W is in their 30s (41%) and 40s (27%). In their 20s, they recorded 19.6%and 20%, respectively.


However, except for the ‘Lineage’ series, the ratio of the 20s is not low in the recent new MMORPG. In September, ‘Hit 2’, which is classified as ‘Lineage Like’, was ‘31%’ and 37% in their 30s. Heroes Tales, which is seventh, was 26% in their 20s and 33% in their 30s. Heat 2 was released in August this year, and Heroes Tales was released in July last year.

Most mobile games are partial paid (F2P) format, and the age and characteristics of payment users who contribute to sales and sales are quite different. Among the games, it has focused on a few purchasing groups, so-called whales.

The problem is that in order to support these whales, new users must be secured steadily. As a result, it is pointed out that it is necessary to turn around other than the 30s and 40s who are familiar with existing games.

An official from the industry said, The ‘population cliff’ issue is no exception in the game industry. This is coming.

Such new users are mainly young people who are familiar with the community, he said. Recently, the industry keeps attempting to diversify genres and expanding in domestic demand.