How to Update Your New Home Platform Digimon TCG JESMON ST

With the new Bros (Cross) Encounter BT10 game by Digimon TCG, the Lesson St-12 start platform is one of the two new platforms ready to play that will be launched along with this incredible expansion. Playing with this deck fresh out of the box is fun and easy to do, so be sure to play some games with him if you are new in Digimon TCG or new in this Digimon character. After understanding the basic concepts of how it works, it will be ready for Improves the Digimon Lesson St-12 start platform for more power and enjoyment. If he has not heard it yet, there is also a new Digimon Survive video game that was launched with the growing success of Digimon Franchise.


Image Source: Banzai NAMC

The basic strategy of this deck focuses on getting a good amount of Hickman and Dragon kin Digimon to swarm, and then evolve one or two of your Digimon at level 6 megabytes with the support of additional Sister Digimon. From this point, we will eliminate and add letters to improve this strategy, while suggesting other options that will provide a greater strategic variety to help their opponents continue to guess.

Eggs and rookies for your Lesson start shore

For its eggs, the 4 copies included from the Guion St12-01 give their Digimon Digimon an impulse of +1,000 DP whenever you have at least 2 Digimon at stake. The benefit of DP is good, but insignificant compared to the Guion of BT8-001 whose inherited effect allows you to draw 1 when you attack with a DP of at least 6000. Therefore, take away the 4 divines of the initiator and replace them with The drawing of Guion letters.

When it comes to your rookies, you will use many due to all its effects. You will have to delete:

4x Candelabra ST-02 -This Digimon has no skills and offers nothing to your deck.
1x Sister White St12-12 -To continue building its synergy and combos with the Sister characters, it will keep this letter on its deck, but will reduce the copies of the initial deck 3x to help make space for other cards.

Later, you will delete more cards, but for now you must add:

1x Hickman ST12-02 -One is already included in the start platform, and 1 more is of great help. You will want to keep one of these guys in the field without digievolting, since its effect allows you to win 1 memory once in turn when you play a Sister letter.
4x Hickman BT6-009 -This Hickman is absolutely necessary since its search effect is always extremely valuable to help you find the adjustment of your hand and soften the bad projects.
4x Hickman BT7-009 -Another letter that looks for Hickman from another set, the redundancy of this type adds more consistency, and this is an inheritable effect when you attack with your devolved character.
2-3x Solomon St12-03 -Depending on how many players are using blockers on your goal, you can change the amount of these you play to prevent your opponents from reduce their game costs.

Champions and Ultimate for your Lesson start deck

The following are the champions and the ultimate that begin to help your deck to hit as your characters rise level and grow in power and effects.

Can eliminate:

4x Mormon -This vanilla character is simply a filling in your starting deck and does not add any effects or good statistics to your alignment.
* 4x
Skullmeramon -Like Mormon, he is a filling and does not add anything to your deck strategy.
2x Sister Sky St12-13 -It is necessary because your other cards will need their type at stake to activate effects, but we will add other options. Maintaining two is good enough for her in terms of game effects.

To continue building your team, it will stabilize your champions and ultimate count with:

4x Brockman St12-06 -We will keep all the copies included of this type because it will be the one that has an inherited effect that helps increase the DP in +1,000.
4x Brockman BT6-011 -Add it to our deck provides a powerful attack effect that eliminates an opponent Digimon with 5,000 DP or less whenever you have a sister at stake. This is perfect to have a defensive option.
1x Salvador Hickman BT6-15 -We can only have one since it is limited by the official rules of the Banzai tournament. His inherited ability of Suspender is amazing.
4x Salvador Hickman St12-08 -Attacking Digimon without suspending, the game free of inherited effects is powerful to multiply your Digimon forces
2x Sister Sky BT10-085 -This new sister has great synergy with Lesson and Dragon kin.
2x Sister Sky BT8-084 -Being able to gain memory and enhance your Humans during all shifts is an essential effect on the game.
1x Sister Sail (Awakened) BT7-083 *-It is a great help to eliminate the Digimon from your opponent and when you eliminate it, you can recycle one of your cards to use it again.

Vegas for your onset deck Lesson

To finish the powerful evolutions of his team, we will gather a variety of level 6 characters that end the game and that will help him end his victory goal.

1x Gankoomon St12-11 -It is powerful for greater recurrence and elimination of the late game and complements the two Lesson included, but if you want or do 3x Lesson and 1x Gankoomon.
1x Gankoomon (antibody x) -If you are going to play the gankoomon above, this is the perfect support letter that you can take advantage of. Depending on how consistent you want this line of evolution to be, you can make room for up to 3 copies of this card and the previous one.
2x Lesson (antibody x) Bt10-016 -This new Lesson Mega is a pump with piercing and gives all your other Digimon +2,000 DP, so it acts as a final play for the deck strategy.
1x Lesson GO BT10-112 -This rare level of level 7 has a perfect involve effect that you do not need in all games, but when you get it, it makes its presence feel with numerous effects such as Blitz, Blocker and Security Attack +1.
* 2x Sister White BT6-082 -You will want to see it at least during your games, since it steals a letter and gives all your sisters the blocking capacity to help you protect your safety.

Face and competitive options

If you have the funds and want to start being competitive, you can add:

1x Cameraman BT8-084 *-This character has a great impulse of incorporated DP and a dashboard cleaning effect, in addition, this ultimate evolves on your sister, speaks of synergy!
1x Onion (x antibodies) Bt10-86 *-This popular type is a real gentleman, which is great for Lesson, and is simply an absurdly powerful letter for a monumental offensive impulse.


Optional and tamers for your Lesson start deck

This deck does not have many options, but must include some that have important interactions. To start, you can delete the following of your starting deck and reserve it:

4x Au’s generic ST-14 -This is a decent option, but we will have to cut it for now to make room for other more shocking cards.
2x earthquake! Burst! Fire! Dad! ST12-16 -This letter is terribly face to play, and you would need 4 copies if you wanted to try and bet free from your safety. That is too risky, so we will reduce it for other more consistent card options.

The cards you want to add are:

1x of teacher to disciple ST12-15 -The starting deck includes 2 copies, but we add more because it is great to see it consistently.
1x Red memory enhancer P-035 -This promotional card adds a more consistent memory increase, which is a necessity.
2x Trial of the sheet BT6-093 -This option allows you to attack any non-suspended Digimon, so you can eliminate problematic characters, and its free security effect can change the game in your favor.
2x Crisis BT8-097 -This letter helps clear the battlefield of all the letters of your opponent with 6000 DP or less, which can change things in your favor or help you catch up.
1x A delicate plan BT3-097 -Have one of these in your hand during the shift in which you enter to gain help to ensure victory. You don’t always need to get this, but when you do, you can have more confidence in your final attack.
3x Hero Amanokawa BT8-086 -If you feel more comfortable with a tamer, this economic boy helps you stabilize your memory.

This is an excellent starting deck to help you enter Digimon TCG world, as it gives you many games that include four copies of useful cards. With all the options here, you will have more letters than allowed in your deck, so you must reduce the letters to exactly 50 reducing those that do not fit your game style or those you feel that you do not. It is not necessary to see so often. Enjoy your new LESSON starting deck and do not forget to also read our review of the Digimon Survive video game.

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