Professional baseball H3, KBO Post Season Event

NC soft Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Taejon, NC) is mobile baseball management game’ Professional Baseball H₃ ‘will hold various events to commemorate the professional baseball’ 2022 HBO Postseason ‘.

Professional baseball H₃ will hold ‘Page’ with ‘2022 Postseason Competition Event’. Page is an AI (AI) baseball service app developed and operated by NC (NC). Live relay and real-time prediction quiz are provided. All users who participate in the postseason tournament forecasting teams can receive professional baseball H₃ items as compensation. If you succeed in predicting all the game, you will receive an additional ‘nine successful right’.

Professional baseball H₃ will pay ‘Postseason Tickets (1)’ every postseason schedule. Users can collect tickets and exchange them with items such as ‘quarter-finals, EX/elite scout x5, and S-class equipment pack’. In addition to the records of the first rounds of each round, such as Many Home Run and Inchon Surgeon, additional rewards are also provided.


NC (NC) predicted new updates such as ‘Knockout Tournament’ and new class ‘classic cards’.

The rust-out tournament is a tournament that is carried out by server integration. Various participation conditions for each tournament, such as ‘club/rank/team overall’, will be provided according to the ranking and round-to-round match predictions. Users can participate through the ‘NOK Out Tournament Ticket’.

The new class classic card is composed of players who have played outstanding in each club. Dedicated personality is added and doubled to two of the equipment slots. The continent of Oceania is also open. Classic cards can be obtained using dedicated Gallup items.

For more information, please visit the official website of the professional baseball H₃.