E3 2023 announces its dates for the public and industry

The E3 2023 will be held again in person for the first time since 2019, and now we also know the days when it will take place. With his return to the Los Angeles Convention Center, we now know that it will take place between June 13 and 16, 2023.

We now know that the first three days (from 13 to 15) will be dedicated to industry attendees with quieter and more comfortable cabins and areas to establish contacts. On the other hand, the last two (from 15 to 16) will be those reserved for the public, and refer to them as the spectacular E3 to which you are accustomed. With only day 15 as a common day between companies and fans, the two main rooms of convention Center will be divided into two separate spaces for both profiles, similar to what happens in the Games com.

Recall that this year, although ESA will also participate in the event as it has been doing since the mid-90s, it will be Reed pop who will officially take care of its organization. This is one of the producers of the world’s pop culture events, and are responsible for organizing some fairs such as Pax, EX or comic with London or New York.

The company has communicated its emphasis that the event is better for both the public and the industry, in addition to supporting those who announce games in the E3 as much as possible, regardless of whether they are officially involved. The E3 is one of the few opportunities that the world video game industry has to meet, join as one voice and show the world what it is creating, says Kyle Marsden-Kish, Vice President of Reed pop. Our vision is to gather the industry by restoring the traditional week of E3, return that spark and restore the role of E3 as a truly magical global exhibition event for creators and consumers of games.