Tower of Fantasy: When a simple salmon becomes the most coveted resource of the game

In role-playing games, sometimes it happens that the most insignificant ingredient becomes a scarce good, a situation that players take advantage of. During the event Café de Aida Endowed of Fantasy , it has been the salmon that became one of the most coveted articles of the game in just a few days.

In fact, this fish is essential for the realization of certain recipes, but it is not easy to catch! Many fans have resorted to Reddit to denounce such abusive Drop rates. Is in danger of extinction.

Salmon fishing is a sport

In Tower of Fantasy it is possible to capture by hand salmon, like any other animal likely to end on our dish. Except that salmon appearance rates in the lake are ridiculous. Some players have told Reddit the difficulties found to fish even if it is a single salmon.

Although they do not have official data, some players have calculated that only 5% of the fish that can be captured in the lake are salmon. In other words, collecting enough salmon for your recipes quickly becomes a nightmare.

Sober, the real place for fishing


If you are also looking for salmon to cook, stop fishing by hand and bet on the fight with the boss! This Boss World guarantees 6 salmon if you win. Since then, this has become sufficient reason to farm it into a loop.

It is unlikely that developers change something about the salmon appearance rate in TOF. This fish scarcity no longer affects those who farm the Boss Sober… although not everyone knows about this fact.