LOL: The player who fell ridiculous to Riot and ended up signing for the developer to save her

League of Legends has always been one of the most criticized aspects by players. The sum of the few options offered with their bad performance form an explosive cocktail with which the community has never been satisfied. However, there was a moment in the history of the video game in which a new hope was opened, and it was not precisely thanks to Riot Games’s work. In her place, A user created her own version of this tool by ridiculous to the talented developer employees.


The best customer who has ever had League of Legends

The play was known with the Nick of Astral foxy and had created in a matter of months and from his home a personalized version of the League of Legends client called Winter mint . The work shared with the community in 2014 and included some incredible tools. Among the unique functions was the option of connecting in a single client accounts of different regions, the possibility of easily spending the games of different content creators or players of high ranges and an improved performance that reduced by 80% the Resources used by our PC .

All this was just the launch menu, because the best thing was what was going to arrive just a few weeks after the premiere. In one of the first updates of this customary Legends client, was planned to add a ‘sandbox’ mode that allowed to configure the speed of the game, the initial gold or even create our own champions and skills. A tool that, in summary, allowed us to carry out very interesting mods that Riot Games would never officially approve. However, as you are imagining, developers were not fully in accordance with this possibility.

Referring to possible security problems, Riot Games decided to stop the Astral foxy initiative. The truth is that it is a logical decision, since a customer will always force us to reveal our login data or even banking if we intend to use the game account. In this sense, the player did not take it particularly badly, and less when the events were advancing. If Winter mint closed at the end of 2014 when he had just lived a few hours, on the first dates of the following year his creator was officially invited to the company’s offices.

Against what it may seem, Riot Games is not a company that takes particularly the defeats that he suffers against the community. While everyone recognized that the work of a player creating her own client was superior to that of the brain companies responsible for League of Legends, The answer was to offer Astral foxy a job . After several months managing her visa, the new employee was made in the United States to be part of the development team of the new game application.

However, if this is only the story of what could be, and it was not because Astral foxy’s stay in Riot Games was everything but lasting. Just a year after starting working in the company she She decided to leave her position without ever knowing the reasons . Thus, she barely had time to leave a mark on the creation of a League of Legends client and her process to add in the game all the news that excited the community was sadly interrupted.