Grand theft auto

We already know who leaked Grand Theft Auto VI

There has been much to talk about the filtration of Grand Theft Auto VI In the last hours. However, there is still an element that is a mystery. Who is responsible for publicizing this information ahead of time? Well, It seems that we already know who it is, and this would not be the first time we see his work in action.


According to a publication in the GTA forums, the person responsible for filtration of the sixth delivery was Tea Pot. For those who do not recognize this name, This was the person who had also hacked the Uber servers and, therefore, used a similar tactic to enter Rock star servers.

In his statement, TEA Pot said he had obtained access to the Rockstar Games Slack server and also his wiki, confluence, teamwork. Next to this, The hacker claims to have in his power to the source code of GTA v and _GTA vi,along with other important pieces of information . To support this, he also took care of sharing the 90 videos we have seen since yesterday.

In an interesting turn, TEA POT has indicated that he is willing to negotiate with Rock star and Take-Two for the source code of the games he stole . However, it seems that he at the moment does not receive an answer. In related issues, Rock star has issued a statement on this case. Similarly, you can learn more about the filtration here.

Editor’s note:

Well they say that it should not be negotiated with terrorists. However, there is the possibility that Rock star will contact tea pot so that the sources codes that the hacker has in his power does not reach the hands of the public, of course, that as long as what he says is TRUE.