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Stellar Blade: Project Eve finally has a name

In the training course of yesterday’s State of Play stream, Shift Up unveiled the final name of the enthusiastic project and also announced that this is released under the name Stellar Blade. News, the studio provided a fresh trailer that supplies you with new perceptions from the video game world as well as likewise goes right into a little closer to the activity of the dream journey.

Under the functioning title Task EVE, the South Korean developers of Change Up revealed a new activity role-playing video game for the consoles as well as the computer in 2019.

designers guarantee an extensive combat system

At the exact same time, you build close links to the survivors who assist you with your goal to conserve the earth, as well as supports Ions homeowners in the restoration of their city. In the playful location, according to the Change Up developers, Stellar Blade scores mostly with his intensive fight system, in which rapid reactions and also critical use the abilities are essential.


You slide right into the role of young Eve, who strands with her buddies on the surface of a burned earth. While you try to regain the earth, you will certainly meet the surviving Adam, that leads you to Ion, the last city of the survivors. Not only countless stories are informed below.

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Stellar Blade will certainly be released in 2023 for the PS5. There will certainly also be an implementation for the computer.