How to get a gold fish scales in Splatoon 3

Golden fish scales are one of many resources available in Platoon 3. You can use these resources at the exchange rate in the payroll to buy various collecting items, such as Banner design , stickers and statues .

To get this item, you must fight King Salmon id. We will talk in detail about how we can start the battle and collect the scales of goldfish in Platoon 3.

How to get a goldfish scales in Platoon 3

To get the scales of goldfish, you must damage the royal salmon during the passage of Teaware in Salmon Run Next Wave. You will encounter three salmon waves before you get a chance to fight the royal salmon.

Winning the waves of salmon, you will collect strength and gold eggs which you will use in the battle against the king. As soon as you destroy all three waves of salmon, you may encounter royal salmon.

It is not guaranteed that you will meet the king. It depends on your good luck, and you may have to try to meet the salmon king several times from which the fish of the scales will fall.

As soon as you have a chance to meet with the king, you will be given egg canon loaded with gold eggs . You will use this gun as a weapon against the king in battle for a while.

Even if you were not able to kill the king before the end of the timer, you take the fish of the scales that were collected during the battle. Therefore, instead of focusing on the timer and the murder of the king, you must focus on making more blows and collect more scales.

Types of fish scales

Three types of fish scales fall out with the royal salmon: bronze , silver and also gold . Golden fish scales are the rarest of those that fall out of King Salmon id, with a higher danger level in Platoon 3.

The level of danger is determined by the sum of the rating of each player. So, if you want to fight with a royal salmon of a high level of danger and collect more goldfish scales You will need to increase your rating.

As soon as you meet the royal salmon and gather a little fish scales, you can go to exchange table in rafting and exchange them for various available objects. You can also exchange fish scales for work clothes if you do not want other things.

You can complete this shift with three other friends, as salmon runs on the next wave allow you to enter four players. More players are more eggs, so this is a good option.