Chenso Club: Taffe women strike in the Fighter

  • Local Cage: With 2 players in neighborhood co-op mode you can get with each other with a close friend and also take it up with extraterrestrial adversaries.
  • Super heroine with Perspective: The Chenso club girls are cheeky, solid and also desire to show what they can do on it. The heroines intend to make use of every justification to utilize their recently uncovered pressures. It is up to you to understand their steps, enhance their stamina as well as to show the globe the power of the ChenSO club.
  • Bonus offer leaves: Experience different fast and fun reward levels and also occasions!

In a homage to arcade-side-scrolling battling games, gamers will defeat, spray, whip as well as smash with crowds of adversary aliens, to level up as well as save the world.

Chenso Club is a declaration of love for the Arcade-Side Scrolling Brawler and an action-packed game with a totally women actors of cute, colorful and also fatal ladies who become fighters.

Fans can play either alone or in the couch co-op with pals and also select one of five usable lead characters, each with private skills, moves and also combinations that satisfy their individual having fun design.


Publisher Curve Games as well as the Swedish Studio Pixadome are satisfied to be able to reveal that your adorable yet harsh side-scrollike brawler Chenso Club is quickly available on the Heavy steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch.

  • Download the club for Xbox- ~ ~ 14.99 ~ ~ 11.99 euros


Introduce trailer for publication: