Hanbitsoft Audition new LED Avatar update

[Lee Seung-hyun Park Ye-jin reporter] Hanbitsoft (CEO Lee Seung-hyun) announced on the 25th that it will showcase new character avatars and mascot avatars in the PC online game ‘Audition’.

The audition will update ‘Glitter LED Super Luminous Avatar’, ‘Four-glossing Luminous Avatar’ and ‘Glitter LED Super Luminous Mascot Avatar’ through inspection on the 25th.

The new character Avatar and Mascot Avatar produced the dance costume known as ‘LED clothes’ through SNS. When wearing, you can enjoy more dynamic dance lines by turning into a brilliant lighting effect from the head to the toe of the character and mascot.


In addition, all luminous avatars have a dedicated character background, and shiny LED Super Luminous Avatar attracts attention by providing a dedicated background effect that is differentiated from other users when changing clothes through a mini wardrobe in a game room.

The user can acquire a new avatar through the ‘Glitter Luno Box’, which will be presented for a limited time from 25th to September 8th. The avatar color is expressed in various colors for ‘Glitter LED Super Luminous Avatar’, and ‘flashing luminous avatars’ in a single color of four kinds of aqua, green, red and blue.

In addition to luminous avatars in the box, popular items such as ‘limited edition face’, ‘nickname effect’, and ‘Gutem selection voucher’ appear. The audition will also hold an event that pays an indefinite limited edition face to users who have won the ‘Glitter LED Super Luminous Avatar’ and a luminous mascot avatar sales event.

An official of Hanbitsoft said, We hope that through the new LED Avatar, users want to enjoy a more colorful and wonderful summer dance festival.

On the other hand, the audition is a stylish rhythm dance game that can show off the gorgeous dance with your own character by listening to exciting music and entering the direction key displayed on the screen as a keyboard or turning the rhythm ball with a mouse. It uses the latest K-Pop and its own original sound source and has the latest trend fashion items.