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Does Gohan get a new way in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Answered

One of the most important plots of Dragon Ball Z was Gohan’s without exploiting potential. He hinted throughout the series that Gohan would eventually overcome his father’s father and take the earth’s protector mantle. While Cell Saga delivered a satisfactory reward to this story, Gohan since then has been regulated to a secondary character at best. Many fans hoped that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero see Gohan to return to his old glory. Be careful with spoilers below, here is everything we know about If Gohan gets a new way in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Does Gohan get a new way in Super Dragon Ball Heroes?

Gohan gets a new way in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and is officially great again! Much of DBS: Super Hero focuses on Piccolo laments that Gohan cannot realize his potential as a fighter. When Gohan’s daughter, Pan, is kidnapped by the Red Army, Piccolo sees this as the push that Gohan needs to recover the old power of him.

Gohan is still a capable fighter and can contain Gamma 1 in a fight, but he can only change the course and recover the definitive form of him when he listens to bread in danger. Gohan’s power has always been related to his emotions and his wrath, as shown in Dragon Ball Z and DBS: Super Hero applies the same logic.

After a talk of mood of Piccolo in the final battle against Cell Max, Gohan tries to reach his limit while Piccolo is brutally beaten by Cell Max. It is only when Piccolo apparently dies in a flood of explosions of Cell Max that Gohan explodes in anger and achieves a new form.

What is Gohan Beast?

Image source: Toei animation

The official name of Gohan’s new form is Gohan Beast and is designed by the creator of the series, Akira Toriyama. The white hair and red-eyed color scheme is actually based on Toriyama’s original design for Super Saiyan transformation. According to Toriyama, the name of the transformation comes from the awakening of the wild beast that has been present within Gohan since the first days of Dragon Ball Z.


Gohan’s newest and most powerful transformation was previously mocked in the Dragon Ball Super anime when Gohan swore during a training combat against Goku unlocks a new way that no one had seen before. DBS: Super Hero meets that promise and offers a flat to plane tribute to Gohan’s iconic transformation to Super Saiyan 2 in Cell Saga. Gohan hair and purple GI in his design are also small nodes of that moment par excellence in the history of Dragon Ball.

Toriyama has declared that Gohan is the strongest Z Fighter after Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. They say it in the movie and Gohan quickly can demonstrate his new power by dismantling Cell Max and defeating the monster with a special beam cannon well placed.

We will have to see how Gohan’s new form is maintained when, according to the reports, the Dragon Ball Super anime returns in 2023. The call to make Go That is all we know about if Gohan gets a new way in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero . See the rest of our Dragon Ball Super guides: Super Hero below.

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