Spice of cult element! CULT OF THE LAMB is an ACT strategy that combines Roglite and the cult -operated sim at a miracle ratio [Special Repo]

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Among them, many people want to know the content of this game, and think so? So, in this article, we picked up one from such a game. I would like to deliver the actual content clearly. If you want to see the rich playpo, don’t forget the explosive speed play repo.

This time, the appeal is * High-quality graphics that combine anxiety and cuteness, Speedy development that does not bother repeated, cult elements with good flavors that are not too heavy or too light. Cult of the lamb *].

What is Cult of the Lamb

You are a pathetic lamb. If you notice, you are surrounded by a mysterious group with a ritual knife, deep in the forest. I was waiting for the back of the road to the back, the executive with a magic circle, a large ax, and a terrible fourth group. Apparently, it is a bishop who protects old religion, but it is refreshing. After all, you were killed without the way to do it…

So, I will encounter a mysterious being in the world. The mysterious existence that four bishops do not want to meet, but it is said that it will revive it. Instead, instead, it has a certain exchange condition with creating a cult under the name of the kanoma. Thus, you have revived the miracle as the guru of the cult.

Cult of the Lamb is an action strategy developed by Massive Monster. The protagonist will work hard to expand the self-propeller as a guru of the cult. The main goal is to expand your self-power while traveling and going between the roggy-like action parts for collecting various materials and believers, and the strategy part operated by the cult.

While gathering stones and trees that are directly building materials, let’s collect meat and nuts that are the most of the believers, and then increase the number of followers.

Now, please gather in the church. It’s time for preaching soon.

Story Points Part 1! High quality graphic that balances anxiety and cuteness

In this scene immediately after the start of the game, if you hit the believer with a little heart, you will be angry with Waya Waya Wanya! … Ka, cute. The same is true for those who are falling asleep on the right.

The executives with a large ax also responded with a good response, Gonyonyo! Gonyonyo! Gonyo Nyo!

And when the four bishops are in the back, it’s a very uneasy design. You can barely understand spiders and snakes, but what is the rest? squid? alien? Well, I don’t hate spiders or snakes in real life. Currently, the cohabitants of the Ashida cigarettes are walking around in front of them. But you can affirm. I don’t want to see these four in the real world.

Story Points Part 2! Speedy development that does not bother repeating

In this game, you will repeat the part of the cult-operated sim and the rogue light action part over and over again. To be honest, depending on the construction, it seems that you can make a game enough al1. You may be worried, If you repeat it many times, you will get tired or sloppy on the way.

The part of the Rogue Light Action consists of multiple stages consisting of multiple small rooms. It is still at the beginning, but I can do one part in about 4 to 6 minutes per time. So it is quite comfortable to proceed crispy.

The main operations are melee attacks, long-range attacks, and avoidance actions. On the way, you will acquire curse, a weapon such as a sword and ax, and a tarot that can enhance the characters only for each part.

The part of the religion-operated sim can work on it a little. While acquiring the wood and stone necessary for the installation of each building, we will prepare facilities such as tents, toilets, medical offices for believers, and altars and churches, which are the key to the operation of the cult.

The difference between the action part, the simper, and the slow and fast is also the secret of fun.

Story Points Part 3! Cult elements with good flavors that are not too heavy or too light

One of the unique places of this game is the theme of the cultiva operation. What do you associate with when you hear the cult cult? Unusual ritual? Or is it a guru-like sermon? The elements of such a The cult are tenth in this game.

As long as it is a cult cult, the religion of the believers is important. And there are various ways to enhance this religion.

Please see, the guru who preached. What a divine figure? The religion of the believers increases on top.

Or it is good to dancing around the fire. This is also a fine religious event.

Are there any believers you care about? Then, if the guru goes directly to bless individuals or give a present, the buds of the religion will bud.

Yes, there is a teaching articles that give characteristics to the whole believer. Some of them are very interesting to sacrifice someone in the believers. Would you like to have a little sacrifice for a incompetent worker that is troublesome for the religion? The guru is happy and the believers are happy because the guru is g1. By the way, those who were sacrificed can prove their religion and are happy, full of good things.

Cult of the Lamb has been quite highly evaluated in overseas reviews, but if you actually play it, you can nod this evaluation. Certainly, the simplicity that oozes out due to the indie game is somewhat noticeable, but it seems to have a good taste.

Gras is also orthodox 2D, and thanks to the grossness, the gross has been much reduced, and I think it was a really good decision.

The action part, the cult-operated sim part, can be crispy and comfortable with the degree of stomach that does not lean on the stomach, and it is easy to go a little further before going to bed. Simple and interesting. Isn’t it exactly an indie game figure?

However, it is also true that there is a rough. For example, even in this scene of difficulty setting, it is slightly unkind to not know how each setting affects the game content.

However, such a part will be hazy if you make the overall fun before. The theme of a little bit of a cult cult is a very good spice.

And the story is also excellent. Why was the player killed from the very beginning? What was the prophecy? Was that the person, a poisonous poisoning that destroys the world? There is no doubt that the mystery is called a mystery, so it will be drawn in.

Now, let’s sacrifice before going to bed today.


compatible model : PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xboxseries X | S

Release date : August 12, 2022

Author play time at the time of writing article : 1 hour and 40 minutes

Price : 2,570 yen