Explanation of the icons of the map Cult of the lamb

In Cult of the Lamb Crusades are a great way to collect resources, gain new followers and much more for the development of your cult. Despite the fact that each crusade is generated randomly and has several nodes that need to be taken, different icons on the map indicate the resources in front. So, you must plan your route in advance so that it benefits your cult.

This is possible only if you know about the card icons. This leadership will help you in this and explain all the card icons in Cult of the Lamb.

Explanation of the Map icons Cult of the lamb

In Cult of the Lamb, every passage of the Crusade is randomly, however, as soon as you pass the first set of rooms, the rest of the Crusade Card will open. The card will include various characters and routes.

You must choose one way to go all the way to the final battle. Please note that at the beginning of each crusade you will find yourself at the very bottom of the web and you will have to make your way up.

Each node gives you the opportunity to choose another way, but this blocks future nodes, so the path is crucial in the game.

At the beginning of the game, your goal should be to accumulate as many lumber as possible. The faster you can restore the important structures of the cult, the more successful your cult will be. You will also need new followers, so select the path in which there is both for total progress.

However, as soon as you went through the early stages of the game and laid a strong foundation, you must give priority to prayer, tarot, store, hearts or events. This will increase your chances of success in running.

Under some icons of the card there is a tape. These tapes and their symbols serve as a modifier of this part of the Crusade. Some of the modifiers include the loss of the red heart, but the receipt of the tarot card, chests from which food falls instead of coins, or doubling the number of coins and so on.

Below is a list of all the card its and what they represent in the cult of the lamb.

Ordinary battle: is a room with enemies without any special bonuses.

Fight with a mini-boss: The battle with a mini-boss in the region is shown here (from the first to the third).

Battle of bishops: This marks the battle with the main boss in the region (fourth call).

bones: This means that you can collect bones in the indicated place.

Coins: This means that you can collect coins in the indicated place.

Food: This means that you can collect food in the indicated place.

lumber: This means that you can collect lumber in the indicated place.

Stone: This means that you can collect stone in the indicated place.

New subscriber: This icon indicates that after the destruction of the enemy wave there is a potential for a new follower.

Heart: This can be used to restore health.

Shop: This badge indicates a store or seller from which you can buy various items, including skins for followers.

Tarot: This indicates a clank tent, where you can collect the Tarot card to improve your strength.

Event: This notes randomized meetings that can give various advantages.

Pray: This icon points to the room with the altar of the waiting. You can pray here to get bonuses.