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PlayStation and Ballistic Moon would be working on a new game

Sony Little by little is offering more games with film elements, this has been revealed in recent releases such as Horizon Forbidden West , Marvel’s Spider-Man The Last of Us Part II and more. And now it seems that these types of projects will move on, as the company Ballistic Moon would have a new game with Sony Interactive .

According to LinkedIn of the company based in England , it is currently developing a new game with a leading editor in the world. Although, the study itself has not yet revealed who is that great corporate entity, but the curriculum of an actor of motion capture to the company as Ballistic Moon & Sony Interactive Entertainment .

For those not aware,Ballistic Moon was founded on 2019 by veterans of the industry Neil Mcewan, Chris Lamb and Duncan Kershaw . Ewan worked on titles such as House of the Dead: Overkill and Syndicate . Lamb was in Until Dawn and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood . Finally, Kershaw got involved in projects ranging from Heavy Rain and Sleeping Dogs to Looking for Nemo and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s St1. *

The actor’s curriculum also mentions the provisional title of the game as Bates , and the movement director would be Joshua Archer, who previously worked on the capture of games such as Until Dawn and* Horizon Zero Dawn.