Deutsche Post ends tradition: Service when registering before the end

A long-standing service from Deutsche Post is about to end. Customers now have to prepare for an innovation.

Dortmund-Deutsche Post ends a long tradition. Accordingly, a further change follows according to increasing costs for shipping, as ends tradition reports.


Deutsche Post ends tradition: long-term service before the end

Introductions are affected by the change, which are usually used when important documents and documents such as contracts or dismissals are sent. This enables the sender to understand the delivery and receive evidence-the so-called return receipt.

According to the Deutsche Post, this pink-colored note should be signed by the respective recipient when delivered. He is then sent back to the sender with the original signature and serves like a receipt. However, this process should change this year. Another service from DHL and Deutsche Post is also available.

Deutsche Post ends tradition: return receipt only available digitally

In the current price brochure there are already some information. Deutsche Post explains: From October 1st, 2022, the return receipt is delivered nationally by letter and contains the digitized signature of the recipient and a broadcast. The return receipt is sent to the sender address noted on the front of the program (more digital news at ends tradition).

According to paketda, the fact that there is only a digital signature can make a difference from a legal point of view. Because the registered certificate has so far been a strong shipping because the senders received the signature in original on paper. Digital signatures, on the other hand, often have a much poorer quality and are also often scratchy and not legible.

Deutsche Post ends tradition: transition period planned from October

From October 1st, Deutsche Post should initially have a two-week transition period, so that traditional re-certificates are also created during this time.

After that, registered mail that contains a paper recording certificate is disposed of by the post according to _paketda.de. Instead, the sender gets an expression of the digital recipient signature. Until then, it remains to be seen how the innovation with the customers of Deutsche Post arrives.

Rubric list picture: © Marco Stepniak/Deutsche Post/Imago