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Overcome your nemesis! Skyrim SE MOD based on Shadow of Moldor has appeared

User Syclonix says Shadow Of Skyrim to add Shadow of Mordor in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition .-Nemesis and Alternative Death System ] has been released.

This MOD inspires the Nemesis System in Shadow of Moldor. After the introduction, the enemy is treated as Nemesis when defeated in battle.

Nemesis will be given (or random) debuffs (or random) according to the defeat situation in addition to the unique title and buff. (Example: If you are defeated by an enemy in a power attack, the player gets a debuff of Off-balance and is more likely to be knocked down).

In addition, there is a further risk that the player is equipped with armor with better performance than the enemy, but if you defeat Nemesis equivalent to your level as your level, you will be buffed to the player. There are benefits. In addition, if you are defeated by an enemy, you will be implemented in a system that will listen to the situation according to the situation (if you are defeated by a guard), and a system such as resuscitation of players by followers. That’s it.

In addition, there are up to 5 Nemesis that appear in this MOD at once, and there are up to five buff debuffs to players.


The MOD Shadow of Skyrim-Nemesis and Alternative Death System, which is scheduled to be added, is being distributed on Nexus Mods. Please take responsibility when introducing MOD.