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How to claim Hooked On You Sims rewards for Dead by Daylight

If you recently bought Hooked On You in Steam, you will have the opportunity to get two rare cosmetics items for Dead By Daylight. However, players may be surprised to hear this news because there are not many details about this opportunity. So, we will tell you How to claim the rewards of Hooked On You’s Sim for DBD .

How to claim Hooked On You Sim Rewards for DBD

The two Hooked On You Sim rewards that you can claim for Dead by Daylight are the Survive Survor outfit and the captured Heart keychain. This is what you should do to get these exclusive rewards:

* Press ‘link account’ in the main menu of Hooked On You.

Once clicking on the Link Account button, you will be redirected to the Behaviour website, where you must link your behaviour and Steam accounts. But, if you do not have an account with the company, you can register to get one before you start.

* Activate your account.

After logging in, you can move down and click on the ‘Next’ button to activate it.

* Claim your rewards to generate the Promotion Code.

It is finally time to claim the rewards of your Hooked On You sim and copy the promotion code that it generates for you.

* See Dead by Daylight to unlock your cosmetic rewards.

Open Dead By Daylight and see the store in the menu. Then, enter your promotion code in the Function tab, where you can see redeem code in the upper right corner, and claim your rewards.

That is all you need to know about How to claim Hooked On You Sim Rewards for Dead By Daylight . If you want to see more content about the game, you can check our guides on Rebecca Chambers, Ada Wong and the most recent delivery, Meet Your Maker. Be sure to look at any of the relevant links below to get additional content.

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