Cthulhu mythology X -detective Homes Horror SHERLOCK HOLMES THE AWAKENED was released. Restoring a story where young Holmes and Watson look into the abyss

On July 28, Ukraine-based game company, Frogwares, announced the horror detective adventure game SHERLOCK HOLMES THE AWAKENED . Compatible platforms are PC/Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

SHERLOCK HOLMES THE AWAKENED is a remake of the title of the same name released by the studio in 2007. A crossover work of H.P. Love Craft’s creative myth, Cthulhu myth, and the Sherlock Holmes series.

The main character of this work is a young Sherlock Holmes detective. He has just met his buddy John Watson, and this work will follow the big incident that they face for the first time. While investigating a simple disappearance case, they step into the world where the cult group worships the gods of Cthulhu mythology. The cult group has a leap to carry out a prophecy spelled with ancient myths. Holmes and Watson seem to work hard to derive rational conclusions by making full use of intelligence in the ultra-normal phenomena.

The player will follow the incident in four locations through this work. The Victorian Dynasty London, Switzerland’s mental ward, New Orleans Baylu terrain, and scotland plateau. This work handles Cthulhu mythology, so the story is impressive with a horror taste and dark atmosphere.

In this work, the player will investigate in a huge semi-open world space, such as the site and the surrounding area. There are imagination mode, which organizes and reproduces the important time series of the case, interrogation mode asking witnesses and suspects, and intelligence mode that leads hints from the archive. By using some investigation methods, the player unravels the truth of the case.

In the remake version of SHERLOCK HOLMES THE AWAKENED, game engines, stories, and systems are renewed. The game engine uses UNREAL ENGINE 4 to not only improve graphics and add cut scenes, but also adjust cameras so that it will be a modern third-person perspective game. It seems that some new items will be added to the investigation mode in gameplay. The voiceover and narration of the characters that color the game have been reprinted, and it has been decided that multiple side quests will be added. According to the development studio, multilingual translations are also considered.

FROGWARES has released a campaign page on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, along with the announcement of this work. According to Frogwares, the development of this work is almost completed, but there are several new content to be added. It seems that the financial margin to develop them has disappeared due to the invasion of Ukraine in Russia. The Kickstarter campaign has not been started at the time of writing this article, but will start soon. By supporting a certain amount, it seems that it is possible to obtain the game key of this work at a lower price than usual. It seems that it is possible to obtain in-game content according to the amount of assistance to help, or to appear as a character in the game. FROGWARES also says that the new trailer will be released with the start of the Kickstarter campaign.

If you want to see Holmes and Watson’s success, confronting the terrible Cthulhu mythology and cult threats, you may want to follow the Kickstarter page of SHERLOCK HOLMES THE AWAKENED.