A beautiful woman beats each other in sexy! Released in Boxing Sim Boxing Queen Steam

Developer McGame has released 3D boxing shim Boxing Queen for PC (Steam).

This is a fighting simulation game where you can experience the underground women’s boxing world. Players will operate beautiful heroines and participate in boxing games. The fighting beauty who appears is wearing high heels, and they are in the game with sexy costumes with a lot of exposure, but on the contrary, there are various punches, blocks, evadance, and steps in gameplay. It is said that it is simulated.



  • 3D viewpoints, third-person perspective, and from any perspective, you can enjoy the wonderful moment of the battle of female boxers.

  • Simulates various boxing punches, blocks, dodging, and steps.

  • Smooth match sensation and female boxer hit is real and poor.

  • Interesting boxing strategy. Players need to perfectly guess their opponent’s next movement, boxing attacks and defense art.

  • The physical strength control system is not a careless attack, but a reasonable allocation of physical strength.

The boxing shim Boxing Queen, where you can experience the beating of sexy beauty, is distributed for 520 yen for PC (Steam).