Stray grade locations

This sheet of music can be located from the secure near Morusque, the robot that plays in the slums to the right of the Guardian Music.

Enter it to locate a piece of notification that remains on the piano.

stray grade locations.

Stray is a problem system adventure video game that adheres to the attempt by a lost cat to leave from a long-forgotten city. While our hairy cat-like protagonist is looking into the fantastic unidentified that is rotting cyberpunk cityscape, there is of course a wide range of keys to discover as well as locate collector’s pieces. This includes the locations of stray qualities for the musician in the shanty towns.

Players who are scattered regarding the city’s run-down neighborhoods can locate the notes of Stray in 8 various locations By bringing every piece to the guitar-playing robot Morusque, which can additionally be found in the run-down neighborhoods from the Guardian, the Musikmech quickly refines the notes prior to playing every tune.

notes 2 location.

You can locate the next sheet of music in Elliot Shows, appropriate following to Granny Clothes. You will certainly discover it alongside the red door and an interactive translation option on this door.

qualities 6 location.

To obtain the code for the safe, first talk with Elliot, that offers you the sign of Dufer Bar. Most likely to bench that is located in the middle of the shanty towns as well as defeat the paint in the cellar against the neon indication that exposes the code for the risk-free: 1283. Return and enter it to open it.

Next to this window, on the linking tube, there is a table with 2 chairs on a balcony. Jump to this table to locate the grades.

Since it is right next to the second sheet songs, this next is not alright.

Rather than leaping onto the terrace, this time leaps with the home window of the structure with heaven walls and also through the void in the door. To the right of them you will certainly discover the sheet music on a bookshelf alongside the bed.

qualities 7 location.

The 5th grade location is located in the bar in the facility of the shanty towns on the 2nd floor on the middle seating area.

The 2nd sheet music can be located on the roofing systems of the shanty towns. You will certainly see an open home window for a blue-walled building with the outsiders symbol if you look contrary the large structure with Momo and the orange indicator.


notes 3 location.

qualities 4 location.

Connect with the sheet to get it. If you do not know the energy beverage locations in Stray, you will see our guidelines and also the locations of the vending equipments.


This last item of notes, which is actually the first piece in order, is situated in an adjoining space of Momo’s apartment or condo, which is located on the roofings of the slums.

And also these are all stray notes locations. Additional directions on enthusiast’s pieces can be discovered in our complete stray full solution.

notes 5 location.

Stray is a challenge system experience video game that complies with the effort by a shed feline to escape from a long-forgotten city. While our fuzzy cat-like lead character is researching the fantastic unidentified that is rotting cyberpunk cityscape, there is naturally a wide range of tricks to uncover and also locate collection agency’s pieces. This includes the locations of stray qualities for the artist in the slums.

There are an overall of eight locations for roaming notes leaves. These are: .

Make sure to review on to figure out the stray grade locations ** scattered in the run-down neighborhoods to ensure that you listen and rest to all 8 tracks.

The 4th notelet can be brought for 1 Power Drink from Azooz, the dealership, appropriate following to the guard.

Scrape the door to go into and after that look opposite where Nestor sits to locate it on the wall surface.

And also these are all stray notes locations. Currently you can rest down, relax as well as hear a couple of tunes. Additional guidelines on collector’s pieces can be found in our complete stray full solution.

From there, go back to Momo’s visit and also have a look to find an additional building with an outsiders sign.

Opposite him there is a steel door in his apartment or condo. Press on your own via the gap and also climb up packages up and also on your own to discover the sheet of songs.

grades 1 location.

To return to bench, opt for the meditators where the guard remains in the garage as well as walk along the central course. The entry to the bar is on the.

grades 8 location.

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