Miskeeping and facts regarding the summer season heat

claim: The skin is hardened by sunburn.

Facts: smartphones and also various other technical tools do not like it at all. According to the Technical College of Graz, your favorite temperature level is in between 15 and also 25 levels.

Facts: Exactly the opposite is right. According to cancer cells aid, unsafe skin is instantly and also deeply harmed by UV rays. To a certain extent, the body can make up for this. However, there is a danger that damaged cells will stay in the skin, which increases the danger of skin cancer cells. A sunburn is a swelling of the skin that resembles the very first degree or more similar, states skin specialist Reinhard Mrotzek, that belongs to the expert association of German skin doctors.

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Facts: Some people may not move in the heat, others need their sport. Facts: Many lengthy for a glass of iced tea or the iced coffee in warm temperature levels, the trendy beverages have an in contrast impact: the body then additionally produces heat to compensate for the temperature level fall and we sweat even a lot more. Facts: Precisely the reverse is appropriate. Facts: Also without a blue sky there is a risk of sunburn, since UV rays additionally make their means via clouds. Facts: smart devices and various other technological devices do not like it at all.

claim: cold drinks cool down the body.

claim: With cloudy sky you can not obtain sunburn.

Facts: Also without a blue sky there is a threat of sunburn, because UV rays likewise make their way via clouds. In general, clouds reduce the UV radiation strength by 10 to half, advises German Cancer Aid. Sand and buildings can also mirror the rays. Certain caution is likewise called for on as well as in the water: Like a mirror, the water surface area boosts the UV radiation by half. Medical institutes like the British National Health And Wellness Solution (NHS) warn of the harmful combination of sun and also water: the cooling impact is frequently not visible when the skin burns. Mrotzek suggests extensive creaming with sunlight milk, as well as headgear is an excellent idea.

Facts: Some people may not relocate in the heat, others require their sporting activity. Is it really dangerous at hot temperature levels? Also if the sunlight draws in outside, now it is not the moment to make every effort for brand-new finest times and also most likely to his restriction, principal medical professional Panagiotis Bouklas claims in a payment by the Helios St. Marienberg Klinik Helmstedt. At high temperature levels, you are not so powerful as well as a minimum of closed down your work.

Facts: Several lengthy for a glass of cold tea or the cold coffee in warm temperatures, the great drinks have an in contrast result: the body after that additionally creates heat to make up for the temperature loss and we sweat even more. The amount of liquid is much more essential than the temperature level.

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claim: Heat hurts laptop and also smartphone.

claim: In the heat you should not do any kind of sporting activity.