PlayStation Buy Repeat.GG, one of the most powerful platforms of eSports

Very important news in the world of eSports, because one of the great brands in the sector gets fully into the competitive. PlayStation has announced the purchase of the repeat.GG platform, being a new component that adds to the legs of the Japanese firm, as reported by Gamesindustry.

PlayStation and the eSports

The Repeat.GG ERS technology platform one of the largest in the sector and houses tournaments with the aim that electronic sports are more accessible. In total, the company has organized more than 100,000 tournaments with more than 2.3 million participants .

_In PlayStation, our vision of electronic sports has always consisted of knocking down the barriers so that players can compete at all levels, says Steven Roberts , vice president of Global Competitive Games of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Although this purchase does not imply, at least initially, exclusivity of the platform with PlayStation, and have indicated that Repeat will continue to present competitions on other platforms, such as mobiles, PC and other consoles .

Remember that it is not the only purchase of PlayStation centered on eSports, since in March 2021 they were made with Evo, the most important fighting game tournament in the world.

In repeat.GG, the players have won more than 5 million dollars in prizes , distributed in 8000 competitions, with 50,000 players winning some type of prize. This year, it plans to house more than 8,000 competitions, and currently has seven million registered participants.