Domestic cyberpunk San Butterfly completes Chapter 5 until 3Q

Neowiz unveiled the development roadmap for Sanabi, which is being serviced by the company and being developed by Wonder Potion. This roadmap contains the development direction and schedule before the official launch.

First of all, the main goal is to complete Chapter 5 content in the third quarter, and in July, we will add auxiliary functions for beginners. In addition, the play optimizes based on the feedback received from the previous try, and the side story will be updated along with the collection elements. In addition, by October, the company is planning to add steam challenge tasks along with the completion of the title screen and game UI, and in November, it is planned to expand the platform with the Nintendo Switch.


Meanwhile, San Navi is holding a speed run event for users. Users who have set the fastest record in Speed Run Mode by the 8th will be registered in the official homepage Hall of Fame and receive a Steam Gift Card as a gift.

For more information about mountain butterfly development roadmaps and events, please visit the official Steam page.