Jang Young -jin Restoration of Export Organization of Nuclear Power Plant Announcement of 10 industries in semiconductor

Jang Young-jin, the first vice minister of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, said, We will announce more than 10 major sectors by major industries, starting with the announcement of semiconductor development strategies on the 21st of this month in line with the implementation of the National Advanced Strategic Industry Act on August 4.

Mr. Jang met with reporters at a restaurant in Sejong City on the same day, saying, We are preparing for the core policies that are connected, such as exports, improvement of trade balance, and progress of small chiefs.

We will also promote the reorganization of the Ministry of Industry. While reorganizing, the part that remains as it is changed will be adjusted by the end of August. Mr. Zhang said that the Ministry of Public Administration and Security has a reorganization that is promoted as a whole, and it will be equipped with an organization to promote the national task, such as restoring nuclear power export organizations.

We will continue to change twice a year to make the Ministry of Industry itself, said Jang. If I have been a civil servant, I will improve the policy quality based on the industry-centered and business partners and professionalism.

It’s been two months since I took office, but the most common is deregulation, he said. The purpose of the educational purpose is to achieve the educational purpose itself, but we are reviewing the inconvenience and lowering the cost.

Deputy Minister Jang said, There are about 222 certification systems in all ministries, and it is a burden on companies. It is necessary for the high-tech industry, but we will announce the improvement plan at the end of this month with the intention that our industry is at least reduces costs.