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The creator of Dead Or Alive announced MMO Warrior with blockchain support

The creator of Dead or Alive Tomonoba Itagaki not so long ago founded a new studio called Apex Game Studios and announced that he had already started working on his first Warrior project. The flagship game of the studio is a fantasy MMO with mechanics of collecting creatures and battles, as well as NFT.

Players will collect monsters in the GACHA style style, which they will be able to call for support in battle or send to their own adventures to a presumably separate island. Each of these animals is NFT, which, along with other intra-game assets, can be exchanged or sold to other players using diamond tokens of a warrior (WDT).

Details are currently not available, since the official site offers only a description of the game, while the press release is more focused on its Web3.0 and the blockchain aspects.

Itagaki expressed the opinion that one of the main characteristics that the game on the blockchain should have in order to succeed is to be a real game that brings pleasure and attracts attention. That is what his team wants to achieve using Warrior.

NFT is expected to release and preliminary sale in the 4th quarter of 2022, and beta version and a complete release of the game should appear in the 1st quarter of 2023.