The new skate will be a free service game

EA and Full Circle They have published a new video of the new Skate , in which they have given a few key data on the title of skateboards. Now we know that it will be a game as a service Free-to-Play, and we can confirm that its final name will be skate, to dry, something that seems consistent with the fact that, far from continuing the main saga, it will become A platform by itself. During the advance, they describe the title as an authentic revolution of the franchise.

They also tell us about platforms, and, today, it is confirmed for PlayStation and Xbox consoles (without specifying in generations) in addition to PC; It will have a cross-game among all these systems, and the progression will also be saved from where we play.

They have taken the opportunity to tell us about their implications such as Free-to-Play, and in this case they point out that their payment mechanics will not include any type of advantage for users or give more playable possibilities. The nature of microtransactions will be mainly for cosmetic purposes, and suggest that there will not be Loot boxes within the title.

They also tell us about the place where this new skate (San Vanelona) will take place, and will receive the name of San Vansterdam, a small more variation of the name as was the case in the rest of skates; Although it is not the same as in the previous deliveries, they tell us that they are sister cities and will be within the same universe.

While it is true that they are still in early phrases of development, their plans for the final game are already very clear, which go through regularly adding new elements, adjustments in mechanics, modes and events while listening to user suggestions. The idea is to continue updating the game for the coming years, so that players can return regularly and discover new things.

If you want to take an eye on what can be played for now, a few days ago they leaked in Reddit a few minutes of gameplay of their pre-alpha. Here you can access the publication, although the only link that is still available is the General GamePlay 3, with two skate minutitos without rendering.