The Quarry: All clues and their locations

In the Hint Guide to The Quarry you will learn:

  • What you need to consider when collecting the clues
  • Where to find the hints in each chapter

In the horror adventure The Quarry, you take turns playing the role of teenagers struggling to survive in an abandoned summer camp. The Summer Camp is crammed full of hidden collectibles that not only provide interesting background information, but are also required to get all trophies in The Quarry.

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Important information about the clues

Before you start finding all the clues, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You cannot find the clues in movie mode.
  • At least one clue is hidden in each chapter.
  • If you miss a clue, you’ll need to reload the chapter and play through the entire game from there, collecting any additional clues. This is the only way to get the detective work trophy.
  • Some clues can only be found if you meet a certain condition.

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Locations of all clues in The Quarry


  • Note: Harum Scarum poster
  • Character: Laura
  • Location: On the right side of the path you will find a tree on which the poster you are looking for is hanging.

  • Note: Escape Arts Chest

  • Character: Laura
  • Location: After you have found the poster, you have to pay attention to a fork on the left that leads you to the chest.

  • Note: Broken cage

  • Character: Laura
  • Location: When you come to a fork in the road in the woods, you’ll need to turn right to find the cage.

  • Note: Bloody collar

  • Character: Laura
  • Location: At the end of the prologue you have to investigate a basement. On the ground you will find the collar.

Chapter 1

  • Note: Hunting Notice
  • Character: Jacob
  • Location: You can find the hunting notice across from the blue car behind the fence.

  • Note: Camp Sign

  • Character: Jacob
  • Location: The camp sign is located to the left of the main entrance to Hackett’s Quarry.

  • Note: Headline snippets

  • Character: Abigail
  • Location: To get the clue, you have to break into the cabin with Emma. The snippet of newspaper lies on the floor between the beds.

  • Note: Recording of camp song

  • Character: Abigail
  • Location: After freeing your luggage, exit the hut and turn right. Two huts further you will find the recording next to the stairs.

  • Note: Signpost

  • Character: Abigail
  • Location: The signpost is next to the big tree in the middle of the square.

Chapter 2

  • Note: Damaged keepsakes
  • Character: Emma
  • Location: The souvenirs are on the second row of shelves in the storage room.

  • Note: Lodge renovation plans

  • Character: Emma
  • Location: At the end of the storage room-right before the back room where you can also find the shotgun-you get the blueprints.

  • Note: Family photo

  • Character: Dylan
  • Location: The photo is on Chris’ desk.

  • Note: Maintainer Directory

  • Character: Dylan
  • Location: First, interact with the floor hatch located under the desk. After that, Dylan sits down at the desk and finds the directory in one of the drawers.

  • Note: Wildlife camera

  • Character: Nick
  • Location: Choose the path to Shady Glade and walk with Nick along the path that leads to a bluff. Near the stone wall you will find a tree with the wildlife camera.

  • Note: Ranger box

  • Character: Nick
  • Location: You can also only find it in the Shadow Glade. The ranger box cannot be missed if you follow the forest path.

Chapter 3

  • Note: Prohibition sign
  • Character: Jacob
  • Location: Run into the boathouse so that you are in the middle of both jetties. Here you can interact with the shield.

  • Note: North Kill Gazett (newspaper)

  • Character: Jacob
  • Location: After finding the prohibition sign, all you have to do is turn around and go to the table on the other side.

  • Note: Old photo from the camp

  • Character: Jacob
  • Location: The old photo was nailed to one of the pillars in the boathouse, which you can find between the many chairs and tables.

Chapter 4

  • Note: Matches
  • Character: Emma
  • Location: Follow the path that runs along the ground to the right of the stairs. A ladder awaits you at the end of the path. To the left of the ladder you will find a burned out campfire with the matches.

  • Note: Police Car Key

  • Character: Emma
  • Location: This time you have to take the left path and follow the treetop path until you come to the tree house. Do not enter the tree house but look at the window to find the keys.

Chapter 5

  • Note: Triggered Bear Trap
  • Character: Dylan
  • Location: As you make your way to the Radio Tower with Dylan, you will pass the Cabin Square that you explored with Abigail at the start of the game. Keep left and walk towards the big house with the pool. You will find the trap to the left of the house.

  • Note: Letter to Nurse

  • Character: Dylan
  • Location: The letter is on the ground between huts 3 and 4.

Chapter 6

  • Note: Camper photo
  • Character: Abigail
  • Location: As soon as you control Abigail, you need to go to the other side of the room and examine the bulletin board.


  • Note: Eerie drawing
  • Character: Abigail
  • Location: At the end of the pool house you will find a single locker where the drawing can be found. This hint can be missed if you are not fast enough.

  • Note: Letter from a child
  • Character: Emma
  • Location: You must have survived the attack in chapter 4 and escaped with the zipline. You can find the letter in front of one of the tents.

Chapter 7

  • Note: Scribbled Limerick
  • Character: Laura
  • Location: Look at the wall doodles across from the bed.

  • Note: Charred sheriff star

  • Character: Laura
  • Location Take the stairs to the first floor and enter the second room. The sheriff’s star is on one of the boxes.

  • Note: Bizarre or Banal podcast

  • Character: Laura
  • Location: Enter the first room upstairs and examine the bulletin board. Then run diagonally across into the last room and examine the calendar. With the information gathered, you can access the computer on the ground floor and listen to the podcast.

Chapter 8

  • Note: Old quarry tools
  • Character: Laura
  • Location: Opposite the pond, to the left of the stairs leading up, are the tools.

  • Note: Miner’s Lunch Box

  • Character: Laura
  • Location: Located in the same room as the tools. Circle the water to find the can.

  • Note: Rum Distillery

  • Character: Ryan
  • Location: After taking control of Ryan, head left into the room to the Rum Distillery.

Chapter 9

  • Note: Wall with hunting trophies
  • Character: Laura
  • Location: Interact with the dresser in the main stairwell to view the hunting trophies.

  • Note: Hackett family tree

  • Character: Laura
  • Location: Take the stairs up and go straight into an office. In the corner to your left you will find information about the family tree.

  • Note: Junkyard Notice

  • Character: Dylan
  • Location: Enter the shed in the junkyard and go up the stairs. You will find the note on a table.

  • Note: Discarded signs

  • Character: Dylan
  • Location: As you climb over the containers with Dylan, take the stairs down and head right.

Chapter 10

  • Note: Camp letter
  • Character: Kaitlyn
  • Location: On the upper floor of the lodge, keep left until you come to a room with many beds. The letter is on the floor.

  • Note: Ancestor portrait

  • Character: Kaitlyn
  • Location: Upstairs across from the balcony you need to interact with the portrait that you can find by the fireplace.

  • Note: Admission ticket

  • Character: Kaitlyn
  • Location: In Chapter 5, Kaitlyn must have survived a quick time event in order for you to find the entry ticket at the hunter’s location.

  • Note: Chalkboard drawing

  • Character: Kaitlyn
  • Location: There is a classroom on the ground floor. Interact with the tablet to get the clue.

  • Note: Engraved jewelry

  • Character: Kaitlyn
  • Location Take the stairs up. Run to the sofa on the right to find the ring.

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