The best servers Earth minecraft (2022)

Earth Survival is one of the most popular types of SMP games (multiplayer survival game) in Minecraft because it puts you in a large-scale version of the real world. Most of the time, intra-game systems will allow you to apply for the Earth and otherwise realize your dream of conquering peace on a map of Minecraft. Here is our list of the best minecraft earth servers.


Earth MC is perhaps the first and original experience of Earth SMP, which uses a system of cities and nations that allows you to create empires and fight with warring players. This is, frankly, one of the crazy servers that you will find and you need to test it to believe.

The glory of the nation

Nation’s Glory, based on the Earth’s PVP server, is definitely the place where you should go if you want the battles and role-playing games to be on top of your experience Earth SMP. Form the nations, participate in diplomacy or go to the war in this exciting Minecraft adventure.


Welcome and active community, MelonsMP has a map of the Earth, which is more relaxed than some of the more hardcore options that you will find there. A great way to experience all the pleasure from Earth SMP without constant wars and contests that you can find on servers more oriented towards military operations.

Kiwi SMP

Another excellent server for a relaxed atmosphere, Kiwi SMP has an Earth Survival card, which is perhaps overshadowed by the weekly events of the Discord community. Nevertheless, this is the classic experience of Minecraft Earth, which you will definitely like if you try.

Create your city

CraftyookTown is the Towny Earth server using Towny’s set and the Earth’s map. This is a more structured experience with land with applications and many recommendations. But this means that you will be protected from some wild aspects of Earth SMP, such as vulture and unexpected attacks.

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