4399 Korea, the new work ERA of Conquest First Server Open Schedule Unveiled

4399 Korea announced on the 8th that it has released the first server opening schedule of the new mobile strategy game ‘Civilization Conquest: ERA of Conquest’.

‘ERA of Conquest’ is based on global civilization and heroes of the times, and has been well-received for overwhelming strategic combat content and high-quality graphics at the time of China’s launch last year.

The first server, which will open at 9 pm on the 14th, can be enjoyed through Google Play and Windows PC platforms as an opportunity to experience the official release version in advance.

The first server participation area is North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, etc., and is expected to be a global integrated server, and it is expected to have an exhilarating match with the honor of each region.

Currently, the first server pre-booking is being conducted on Google Play and the official website.

In addition, the First Server will hold a charging return event that allows you to receive the charging and payment amount as a rubbay when it is officially opened.

Meanwhile, ‘Civilization Conquest: ERA of Conquest’ sequentially unveils the local civilization and the hero characters that symbolize them in the game.