Cyberia Limited Ganditer commented on the disappearance of the Troubles

The CEO of Saiberia Novova Alexei Kopsev replaced the news portal for News.ru rumors, according to which a company engaged in the development of a new game in the action genre of the Troubles Troubles disappeared along with 260 million rubles allocated by him for development.

He assured that the team is in full force in Russia and in the sweat of the person is working on the project. No one ran anywhere and did not steal the money. Koptsev also added that the payment under the contract takes place on the fact of the work performed, therefore, now no one gave these 260 million rubles to the studio. And the site and public in VK were closed because the studio is being rebranded now.

Lastly, Alexei Kotsev said that the first teaser of the game, in which the models and the quality of the graphics will be shown, will present the studio at the end of this month.