Crypt of the necrodancer receives its first update in 5 years

_ Write of the necrodancer_ The developer Brace Yourself Games has just launched an update for the popular rhythm video game, Patch V3.0.0, which is the first update in five years. Specifically, and as the developer points out, 1,721 days have passed since the last rodancer update, and is a large 1. In addition to a lot of quality of life updates, the game now has a new Non Beat mode, it is compatible with Steam Deck and more.

There could also be more on the way, although it is not known how that would look. Well, let’s say that this is a precursor to something bigger that is coming, the official publication of the developer Brace Yourself Games about the newwritten of the necrodancer_ the update says in part, and we want to make sure to address some of the most important comments of the community before getting there ».

You can check the long and complete patch notes for the _rodancer_fectiveupdate of the v3.0.0 patch, directly from the source, then:

mode without rhythm

The Non Beat mode was added, which allows a game similar to that of BARD for any character. Yes, even Aria for anyone who wants to experience the story of the game in an easier way!

Save and leave at any time

A function save and leave to allow the game and resume the session was added later.

  • The session is also automatically saved by closing the game window.
  • Suspended and resumed races can be sent to the Deathless, Story and All-Characters classification tables.

Very small load times

The loading time was considerably reduced by starting the game by transmitting more resources on request.

Updated controller and compatibility with Steam Deck

Improved controller support was added through Steam Input, with specific Gamepad button symbols and Steam Deck support.

Controls and entry improvements

Several improvements to the controls and the input system were added.

  • The ability to assign several keys or buttons to the same action was added.
  • Support was added for multiple custom key combinations for any action in the game.
  • Most menu controls can now be customized.
  • The mouse buttons can now be assigned to shares in the game.
  • A menu was added to quickly change between keyboard/controller schemes for cooperative players.

Personalized music review

A personalized music system was added with the ability to save multiple reproduction lists and change between them.

  • Audio files are admitted in the MP3, OGG and FLAC formats.
  • Rhythm detection is done in the background, which allows you to select more songs in the meantime.
  • You can also customize special clues (heads of history, training, tutorial).
  • Imported songs and their rhythm maps can be previewed directly in the personalized music menu.
  • In Linux, a native file selection dialog box is now used instead of the game selection menu.

New and improved cooperative

Independent rhythm maps were added per player in cooperative mode: Play any combination of Cadence, Bolt and Bard!

  • Each player follows his own rhythm: the presence of a bard or ray does not transfer his effects to all players.
  • The behavior of all enemies was adjusted to follow the rhythm of the nearest player.

A dynamic view scale for local cooperative sessions was added when players move away from each other.

Updated reproduction system

An advanced option was added to see repetitions after death from the perspective of the enemy that ended the race.

A redesigned reproduction system with fast keys to search and jump levels was added.

  • The repetitions of multiple races (Deathless, Story, All-Characters) now record and reproduce the game in all races.
  • Repetitions now reproduce precise entry times for BARD, in mode without rhythm or with personalized music enabled.
  • Automatic repetition guard can be configured to register all races, only victories or no career.


A warning was added to the menu of the classification table if the modifications or custom rules are causing the classification tables to be disabled.

Divide the cooperative classification tables into ‘cadence + cadence’ and ‘mixed characters’.

Custom music classification tables were changed to also include mode mode and other rhythm customs.

Low% Speedrun classification tables were added, tracking the fastest completion times without the use of articles or sanctuaries.

The out-of-line save for achievements and statistics was added, automatically synchronizing them once the connection is restored.

  • Fulfill the unlocking condition of an achievement while it is disconnected will grant the achievement when connecting again.

Speed timer

In the selection room of all the characters, the race timer is now always in pause, even in the intermediate characters.

Complete a partial career in mode All characters or history no longer shows a confirmation menu while letting the fast race timer continue.

In the floors of the bosses, the fast race timer always stops to the first movement, even if the option show boss introductions is not marked.

Waiting for a personalized song now adds a penalty of time to the total duration of the original song to the fast race timer.

  • This guarantees that extremely short personalized songs cannot be used to obtain an advantage in the classification tables.

Updates of quality of life

A regressive audible account was added when the pause to return to the rhythm.

  • The duration of this countdown can be configured in the configuration or can be completely deactivated.

A new latency calibration assistant was added that coincides with the BPM of the current song.

The ability to paste in text pictures (such as execution seed) by pressing control+v .

The ability to activate or deactivate the amplified content was added without restarting the game.

  • This also changes the set of classification tables that can be seen and sent.

Menu and options

The Personalized Rules menu was added, allowing several game settings to be modified. This disables the shipments of classification tables.

A menu for the peculiarities of the game was added: dark mechanics or errors of previous versions that can be activated or deactivated.

Support was added to unlock the frame frame speed beyond 60 fps.

Options were added to change the view scale mode.

Options were added to customize the intensity of the screen movement, particles and frozen pictures.

An option was added to show advanced configurations, unlocking many additional customization options for experienced players.

A direct access key was added to search the menus (control+f).

  • The following menus are admitted: options, personalized rules, mods, reassign controls, select repetition, load/save dungeon.

Better modification capabilities

A completely redesigned mods and modding menus was added.

  • Several mods can be loaded at the same time and your cancellation priority can be customized.
  • This includes mods that alter necrodancer.xml: The changes will merge in priority order.
  • The mods necrodancer.xml created without the DLC amplified now can be loaded even if the DLC is enabled.
  • Mods can be loaded in the middle of an execution without restarting.
  • The Mods menu now shows miniatures, authors and descriptions of Steam Workshop.
  • Subscribe to a mod while the game is running now automatically downloads it.
  • Mod active downloads now indicate their progress in an overlap while they are in the lobby or in a menu.

A text translation/location system was added.

  • This allows the creation of translations in a fan without editing any image file.
  • The translation template files are available in the same CSV-based format that uses the game.

New Personalized Level Editor

A new level editor with many additional features and improvements to the control scheme was added.

  • The level editor can now be used with a mouse, keyboard or controller.
  • There are several tools available to place mosaics and objects: free, line pencil, stuffed/outline rectangle.
    Using the direct access key (Q), existing mosaics and objects can be quickly selected for subsequent location.
    The draft tool (click with the right button) adaptively eliminates objects, walls or floors according to the starting point of the pencil line.
  • A selection tool allows you to cut, copy, paste, move and eliminate rectangular sections of the level.
    The mosaics and objects are grouped into categories, for which you can quickly prescribe Tab .
    The side panel content can be filtered by pressing Control+F .
  • The side panel can be changed by clicking and dragging, or changing the editor’s options.
  • Almost all types of chips/objects of the game can now be placed in custom dungeons, including bosses.
  • Several elements, enemies or other objects of the same category can be stacked in a mosaic keeping the * shift * key while putting them.
  • The player’s generation point can now move using the tool ‘move objects’.
  • The content of the chests, boxes and polls can be customized by placing objects (or enemies!) About them.
  • Existing personalized dungeons can import the level editor and automatically convert the new dungeon format.
  • The levels in custom dungeons can be reorder, duplicate and rename.
  • The main songs and special tracks can be chosen at personalized levels, allowing to eliminate the usual time duration limit.
  • When generating procedure levels for custom dungeons, a fixed seed can now be optionally specified.
  • The size of the chief levels generated can be customized, modifying the size of the sand and the amount of boss henchmen.
  • Chief levels in custom dungeons can now be modified in the editor after generating and saving their changes.
  • History chiefs can be added to custom dungeons.
  • The newly generated levels can be changed rapidly with the same configuration, but with a different seed.
  • When a controller is used, gyroscopic controls are admitted and aligned in grid for the movement of the cursor.
    Fast access keys are available to save quickly (control+s), test level (f5), undo / reba (control+z /+and*) and many other actions.
  • All mouse, keyboard and controller links can be customized.

Updated system requirements

In all systems, at least 4 GB of RAM are required and 8 GB or more are recommended to obtain the best performance.

In Windows, a Windows 7 or higher installation of 32 or 64 bits is required.

In macOS, an installation of 64 bits and macos version 10.10 or higher is required.

In Linux, an installation of 64 bits of Ubuntu 18.04 or Steamos 3.0 is required.

Failure corrections and deincronization

The blockade was corrected when an electric dagger was used to hit an enemy against a family rat.

The blockade was corrected when using Boots of Lunging to move instruments in the final night head.

The blockade was corrected when loading a workshop mod with unparalleled images or audio files.

It was corrected that some texts were not properly colored in languages other than English.

Many known causes of reproduction deconization were corrected:

  • Decronation was corrected when using more than one element or spell after stepping on the exit stairs.
  • Decronation was corrected when using healing elements to block the damage of skewer traps.
  • Decronation was corrected when the ‘enable particles’ option differs between repetition and reproduction recording.
  • Decronation was corrected when performing fast tickets during the transition of the song of the Final Chief of Cadence.
  • Decronation was corrected when he moved quickly as a bard.
  • Decronation was corrected when the final chief of nocturnal summons the enemies.
  • Decronation was corrected when a armored skeleton is generated from a sarcophagus.
  • Decronation was corrected by changing the reproduction speed of a repetition.
  • Decronation was corrected by changing the size of the game window during a race.
  • Decronation was corrected when an explosion of Blast Helm was used to defend against a fireball.

* Decrononization between Windows and Macos/Linux was corrected when the player is aligned diagonally with an excavator mini-chief.

Did we miss something? Send us your comments directly through the game!

A menu ‘send comments’ was added in the game to share errors, suggestions and other comments with developers.

  • Game screenshots, repetitions and registration files can be optionally attached to errors reports.
  • For total transparency, the content of the comments reports can be seen in all its technical splendor before sending them.

What do you think of the newwriter of the necrodancer_ update? Are you waiting for what the developer could be causing? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to communicate and contact me directly on Twitter at @Rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games!