Dofus: Gelano, where and also how do the decrease on temporis 7?

If you manage to reach level 60 on temporis 7, a very first batch of stuff opens to you. And also the majority of the time, whatever the way you choose on Dofus, Gelano will be your option of favorite. For this edition, his decline is really RP, so make the most of his!

Where Drop the Gelano on Temporis 7?

Temporary web servers return for the summer season of 2022 with Osatopia! All products are acquired by the drop. Modified also, but with some exceptions!

All items are gotten by the decrease.

Blue jelly 0.05%, mint jelly 0.05%, strawberry jelly 0.05%, royal blue jelly 0.50%, imperial jelly mint 0.50%, royal strawberry jelly 0.50%, lemon jelly 0.05%, royal lemon jelly 0.50%.

Level 60 .
1 PA.

If you manage to reach level 60 on temporis 7, an initial batch of things opens up to you. For this version, his decline is really RP, so take complete advantage of his!

Furthermore, if it is made use of from level 60, it continues to be important up to level 180 at the very least. Having it asap is vital, particularly because this time, its obtaining is really basic.

Drop .

All Dofus Thing drops on temporis 7.

With its famous, Gelano is a must-have Whether it is for a second or primary things, it will bring you whatever you require to appreciate your modified.