[Review] Umamusume who hit Japan, what is the strength?

Tsushima, which landed in the domestic subculture world, and a service that will continue to spread fuel is key

‘Umamusume’, which was once considered to be the third largest source of subculture fans, was released in Korea on June 20 this year following the launch of Japan last year. Originally, it was scheduled to be released in 2018, but ‘Umamusume’, which was released for three years to boost quality, received an explosive response as soon as it was released in the Japanese market, and still maintains the top of the mobile game sales, while maintaining the top of the Japanese mobile subculture game world. It has become an indispensable being.

The animation that aired before the game was also highly responded, and ‘Umamusume’ was considered a card to hit the subculture world before its domestic launch. Not only did it be released, but as it was based on the words that existed, the secondary creation beyond the range of consultation with the faces was limited, but many memes began to spread to the community one by 1. On the other hand, there was a reaction that what is this? It was not related to gambling and meandering in terms of horse racing, but there was a misunderstanding.

Umamusme, who finally landed in Korea in the face of such a opposite reaction, was definitely a work of the weight and record of the Saigames, with the destructive power to hit the Japanese market and the high level of destructive power to hit the Japanese market. This is also well prepared to make the first effective hit in Korea for almost a year, and I thought that I could continue the heavy batter.

Game Name : Umamusume Pretty Derby
Genre Name : Fostering simulation
release date : 2022. 6. 20.


Review : Official release (1.01) version
Developer : Saigames
Service : Kakao Games
Platform : Mobile
Play : Mobile


Why are you enthusiastic about their sprint without betting? Equation released by the combination of Deokgem and Sports

The first question is that it deals with the material of ‘horse racing’, and why may it be so popular and hot. This is because the image of gambling is stronger than the sport where horse racing is a sport where horses and riders compete. Simply thinks that ducks like pretty characters, so I think it’s because they’re going to be a girl, but the subculture market is not easy to explain. There are a lot of games with good illustrations and characters in the market, so that’s not enough to get chosen now..

Perhaps if you have seen the animation first, ‘Umamusume’ is an orthodox sports. Beautiful girls are first noticeable, and there is an exchange between Umamusmes and the trainers in charge. However, rather than giving the girl’s game ‘Love’, which is commonly thought of that, it should be seen that the feeling of such a feeling is subtle in the trust between players and coaches.

The reason why horse racing presented the view of sports that competed for horses was because it was interpreted and solved by Umamusume. In the worldview of Umamusme, Umamusmes’ matches are pure sports without betting and cheering people watching while watching. The context may not be understood at first, but it is the charm of this work that the user will feel naturally when he fosters Umumusmes who will play as a trainer.

The user is a trainer at the Tressen Academy, which fosters the best Umamusme, and will be able to join Umamus Me for three years and the final goal of URA Finals. If you’re already a Japanese server, you’ll have to jump into some equations to collect the best arguments, but not all users will do that.

It is later to say when we discuss the completion of Umamusme as a development simulation, and this time we have picked up the community’s articles from Kakao Games’ aggressive advertisements, but we will see it as the first Korean server. Perhaps while watching the community article, you may have been curious about Umamusume animation, or you may have already taken the animation, but in any case, you are more likely to see a character that is more likely to be more than performance. Alternatively, you can compromise by weighing performance and crush, or you can go to a preliminary work to fully develop a crush character.

Even in that first impression, Dukgem’s inner work has been revealed. This is because the high-quality character modeling that is captured by illustration is definitely well equipped so that the various character types that have been encountered in the subculture can be seen at a glance. Although there is a virtue that the buildup has been in advance through the anime and official YouTube Goldship Bertuber, the character design and ambassador, as well as the gestures, and the expressions, are used to make a small detail. I made it.

The next step of ‘Umamusume’, which shows quality start as a beautiful girl collection game that selects and nurtures a character of her taste, is the composition of the youth sports that grows and grows by the girls. In the system, it is a dry structure that accumulates victory in various laces by repeating training and rest, raising the stats and skills of Umamusme. In the meantime, as well as Umamusme in charge of the company, the story of Tressen Academy officials who want to achieve their dreams, the stories of Umamusmes organized as a support card, and the composition of rival trainers and Umamusmes in charge. By solving it from various angles, we completed the configuration as a sports object.

If you just want to win and win, it’s not like this, but you can feel the pain and lack of defeat. do. However, it is also a proof that it has been verified. The Hwaryong Point of the composition is the quality of ‘Gyeonggi’, which is the main, and the overall detail of the work. If the details are off, it becomes difficult to be immersed in the trivial thing, and if the quality of the game falls, it becomes difficult to sympathize with the character’s worries and feelings in the process of fostering. In a hurry, you might think, Is there a reason why our kids will do everything and sex?

Not to mention the character modeling quality, the race that is implemented in the game is also various effects, and the camera composition and vivid relay are used to make the game actually play. It’s a pity that it’s a long screen, but it’s a pity that the view is limited, but it also has the effect of increasing concentration while focusing only a few fierce compositions. In addition, Umamusme showed the form of dynamic forms, and the eyes went to the eyes of the powerful appearance of running through the heat and castle. Designed skills designed to suit each character’s characteristics are also an element of immersion, and in the last spurt section, the technique of not deliberately showing the remaining distance or ranking situation was a point to keep an eye on it.

Every time all the elements of Umamus Me are closed up in a combined fierce match, the completeness is so excellent that you can forget and cheer for any other new. And it’s not just the first place, but it’s a winning live that you can feel as a master of the stage. As it was a game that participated in the development of the idolmaster Cinderella Girls, the live is implemented as a quality as well as the training simulation, so if you look at the center and the main vocal-sub-vocal composition, which depends on the result of the match, the tongue. I have no choice but to give it.

At the end of his hard work, he won the high-quality game, and he was spotlighted in the center, holding the main and cheering, and he did not just go over the game. I was sorry and sorry for her because she died and faced her ears, and her head was so natural that she was so natural that she was so natural that she was sorry and sad.

Umamusme, who made his first step with a variety of beautiful girl characters, was a good example of why Cliché was so powerful. I know what kind of way it is, and when I look at what a new trainer, I cheered Umamusme. However, it may be difficult to sympathize with users who do not have anti-horsepower in such a beautiful girl game. Unlike the view, in the development process and the event ambassador, the unique sensibility of Deokgem is light, because it can be slightly slipped without the anti-horsepower so that it is questionable about the factors that are tacitly toilets.

Synergy and synergy made with the royal road and logic of the nurturing simulation **

When the word ‘mobile’ is attached to the front, the word ‘no bird’ naturally simplifies and optimize naturally. He is also smaller than other devices, and the input / output device is gathered in one place, so the UI inevitably covers the game. Moreover, unlike the portable console, it is used for various purposes in relation to everyday life, so beyond automatic, the skip is to finish the homework more easily.

Unlike that flow, Umamusme is a game consisting of Princess Make Curuine Simulation or Powerful Professional Baseball Sports Simulation. Although the UI is equipped with the environment of mobile and simplified the training process, as mentioned earlier, we have solved the series of processes in which the character grows and plays in sports.

The story has been immersive by solving the story as a royal sports, but it is not much contacted for users who skip the story. What’s more, it’s not a package game that’s ending, so it’s tired of repeating the story to foster a new character every time. In particular, Umamusme’s story is used in the middle of the sports, and many characters appear in the middle and many exchanges.

Therefore, it is usually skipped and skipped, and the story element is quite excluded, and it is necessary to show high completeness as a development simulation to appeal to the user. As mentioned earlier, it is noticeable that the foundation of the package game development simulation is well established.

First of all, before going to the final goal, the URA conquest, several intermediate goals are presented. Up to that middle goal, users have to choose to train, rest, and go out every turn to pull Umamusme to the best state. In addition to training in each field, you have to raise more than a certain level through the training of speed, stamina, power, muscle, and intelligence, and sometimes you have to relax and go out to restore your physical strength.

In addition, the stats that need to be uploaded according to the aptitude of each Umamusume or the course of the intermediate task are different, and the training menu is also designed to be designed to select and upload the skills that fit the task. I don’t just spend my school life together, but as a trainer