Com2uS, the Family Month Memorial Memorial Anyangcheon Environmental Cleaning Volunteer Activities Development

Com2us held an environmental purification volunteer activity to preserve local ecological conservation in commemoration of the environment in June.


On the 25th, this activity was held in Anyangcheon near Geumcheon-gu Office Station on the 25th, including the ‘Com2ether’ Volunteer Corps, which consists of employees and families of Com2u Group, as well as international relief NGO ‘Good Change’ and Geumcheon Ecological Forum.

The activities were held around environmental purification programs to protect the healthy river ecosystem. Volunteers have been directly entered into the water to clean up harmful plants that threaten the ecosystem and purification work to eliminate green algae, and eco-flogging that collects waste and waste around the walkway.

In addition, there was an activity that made and throws an soil ball that is effective in improving the water quality and removing odors. Useful microorganisms that are effective for the purification of rivers) The volunteers of the ‘Com Together’ were directly sprayed with more than 1,500 eco-friendly soil balls that combined the stock solution and ocher.

Comtus Volunteers, who participated in the activities, said, This activity has been an opportunity to develop enthusiasm for responsibility for nature and environmental protection. I look forward to it.

Meanwhile, Com2us is creating social and environmental values for future generations and sustainable growth. Last year, we participated in the plastic reduction campaign with the group employees and sponsored the endangered marine animal protection movement, and recently developed a campaign to contribute to reducing carbon emissions, which is the main cause of climate change. He is taking the lead.