Eternal Darkness turns 20: 5 reEternal Darknessons why you should play it

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem hEternal Darkness just turned no less than 20 years. The most Lovecraftian game we saw exclusively for Nintendo Gamecube debuted on June 24, 2002 by Silicon Knights. Beyond the Resident Evil saga, the reality is that the Nintendo 128-bit console did not receive too many horror titles.

However, the work to which we pay tribute today managed to convince both the public and critics and automatically became one of the favorites among the community. And Eternal Darkness the years have pEternal Darknesssed, he hEternal Darkness managed to win the cult title Are you one of those who already knew him but want to enjoy it again? Or is it not the cEternal Darknesse and are you willing to discover it? You are part of one group or another, we give you 5 reEternal Darknessons why you should not miss it .

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem-5 reEternal Darknessons to play it

A very Lovecraftian story *: In the skin of the young Alex RoivEternal Darkness, we have the mission of investigating the family mansion of Rhode Island after the mysterious death of our grandfather. The story combines the present, with chapters that happen in ancient times and to the controls of different characters. Each one hEternal Darkness a specific theme and all are different from each other. And everything revolves around the cosmic horror of H. P. Lovecraft, with a script that shines thanks to the richness of his writing. The ancient gods or madness are not lacking Eternal Darkness the main theme.
The sanity system : Without a doubt, the differential element that makes Eternal Darkness a unique experience. Beyond losing health, in the Silicon Knight game we see how our sanity is diminished, something that happens when enemies appear or we get a scare. And when that happens, the game tries to make us think that we have gone crazy. Numbers that dance in the inventory, paranormal visions and even error messages that indicate that the console hEternal Darkness suffered a technical failure are some of its occurrences.
Variety of mechanics : While we explore the mansion, the game does not perform too much from other titles such Eternal Darkness Resident Evil or Silent Hill, because we must combat every corner of the house, look for objects and find the way to move forward. However, when we play the chapters that make us travel to other places with unpublished characters, the supply of mechanics is very wide, with numerous puzzles, fighting and even use of magical spells.
Technical invoice at the height of the work *: In the middle of 2022, Eternal Darkness surprised both the sharpness of its images, and for the quality of the sound effects. In addition, the performance wEternal Darkness also very good for the time. Beyond all this, the atmosphere wEternal Darkness another of its strengths, since the variety of locations, Eternal Darkness well Eternal Darkness the atmosphere generated inside the mansion were enough to put gallina’s skin.
There is life beyond the myths of the genre *: We all know franchises such Eternal Darkness Silent Hill, Project Zero and Resident Evil, among others. And it is always positive to find such well-valued titles outside the Sota, horse and king of the genre. That hEternal Darkness become a cult game and there are not few who Eternal Darknessk for their return in the form of remEternal Darknesstering is no accident. In addition, the fact of being exclusive to Gamecube resulted in many players from being lost. So you know: it’s never too late if happiness is good.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is only available on the only platform that reached June 24, 2022: Nintendo Gamecube . Therefore, today it is only possible to play it through the original album. Undoubtedly, one of those titles that would best sit a remake or, at leEternal Darknesst, a high definition remEternal Darknesstering. Interestingly, from NightDive Studios , a team specialized in giving a second life to clEternal Darknesssic games such Eternal Darkness Turok, Shadow Man or the future System Shock, they recently showed their desire for working on their return .