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4399 Korea, Mobile Hunting MMORPG Hunter W

On the 24th, 4399 Korea officially launched MMORPG ‘Hunter W’.


‘Hunter W’ is a mobile MMORPG with graphics, hunting, and adventure themes that make use of wild images. The user becomes a hunter and can explore the wild and enjoy the adventure with a cute pet. In addition, we prepare various challenging contents such as exciting dragon hunting and island confrontation contents to stimulate the game.

The 4399 Korea unveiled the launch coupon code ‘Hunter’, which includes the launch of the Hunter W and the launch of the launch of the game, such as Blue Diamet, Gas Promotion, and Beginner Enhancement St1. In addition, six-star tiger tigers will be paid to all users who connect for seven days in a row.

Meanwhile, Hunter W has gained a lot of popularity at the time of launch in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and has been attracting attention as expected in the second half of the year.

For more information about hunting adventure MMORPG ‘Hunter W’, please visit the official site and the lounge.