Star Citizen shows abandoned settlements and new dynamic events


Alpha 3.17 in the Star Citizen will soon receive a new patch that will add a certain amount of new content to the constantly growing space simulator from Cloud Imperium Games. The new content includes requested settlements, one of which is built around the broken RECLAIMER, as well as the new dynamic event of the Orizon siege.

The first part of the video is devoted to the requested settlement next to the victim crashing ship. The developers promise that players will be able to find much more such places in the world of the game, but show only one thing.

The second part of the video tells about the dynamic event Siege of Orizon, in which players will need to expel looters from a steamer next to the Orizon of the island. The event is focused on PVE and even has any measures to limit PVP, but does not prohibit it completely.