How to get skin on a raft

The skin is needed for the manufacture of backpacks and a set of leather armor, which includes a helmet, pectoral armor and rags on the raft. This is one of the materials for craft, which will require you to go to a real hunting expedition.

If you are ready and wish, the next leadership will tell you where to go and what to hunt to get the skin on the raft.

how to get the skin on the raft

The skin is obtained by killing wild animals, such as bears and warts that are not found on small islands, since they cannot contain wild animals.

To get the skin, you need to find large islands for which you can use your navigation system. Use your receiver and antenna and find large islands where you can find warts.

Bears can only be found on the island of Balboa and nearby Islands in the same bioma that is the last place where you go in the first chapter of history.

Having reached the island of Balboa, set off from the raft, carrying at least three copies. You will have to explore the island, and when you meet a bear, hunt it with a spear.


A good technique for hunting for a bear is to allow him to attack you, and when he approaches, hit him with a spear. The killing of each bear gives you four skin, and this is a fairly simple task. In addition to the skin, it also gives raw meat and a bear head.

In the same way, you can find a wart, and then kill it to get the skin. The easiest way to kill the wart is to first bring it to the water. Then go to the shore and wait for the wart to attack you.

When he begins to attack, enter the water and wait until the wart finishes the charge. When he stops charging, he disorients. This is your moment now. Hit it with your spear and complete the task. The murder of a wart also gives you meat and head of a wart.